NYC cafe impacted negatively by Occupy Wall Street goes out of business #OWS

91 jobs lost thanks to Occupy Wall Street.

NY Daily News

Milk Street Cafe, the restaurant whose business dried up in the face of the Occupy Wall Street barricades, is shutting down.

Thursday will be the last day for the 23,000 square-foot eatery that opened at 40 Wall St. in June, the Daily News has learned.


Epstein blamed the barricades that remained in front of his restaurant even after the Occupy Wall Street protestors were removed from Zuccotti Park.

“This is now the 12th straight week of the barricades,” he said.

The restaurant owner, who operates an eatery and catering business in Boston, said he pressed the city daily for their removal, but got nowhere.

Milk Street Cafe’s closure will result in the layoff of 70 workers. That’s on top of the 21 let go in October.


When asked whether he would ever open a restaurant in New York again, Epstein responded, “Never.”

This is the kind of thing that caused a DC business leader to recently blast Occupy DC and the special treatment that they have received.

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  1. Houston, TX could use another good New York City-style cafe. No state income tax. No city income tax. You can get the permitting finished in days (maybe one day).

    And the economy is growing here for some reason. . .

    • And hopefully if any OWS thugs try to take over the park, the city authorities will jail them all on day 1.

  2. Sue them. I remember reports that they had at least $500,000 banked and a “central committee” controlling it.

  3. Interestingly, if the NYC Milk Street Cafe is modeled after the original in Boston, it is a kosher restaurant. While I wouldn’t contend there was intentional targeting for this reason, I think it is safe to say that a significant minority of the OWS demonstrators will not mourn its passing. Note also that the Tea Party protests were completely devoid of such “unintended consequences”. The contrast could not be more telling.

    • If I read teh article directly, it is more the fault of the NYC government than the OWS types — the police barricaded the place and was deaf to requests to remove them.

      I will say though I agree about the Tea Prty. A few years back I used to participate in a Conservative-Libertarian MeetUp in Chicago. It was held at a local diner than had a spare room that was popular with Meet Up groups. The group was sort of a proto-TEA Party in the types of people and outlook — a combination of fiscal conservatives, mre traditional conservatives and libertarians. I once asked the waitress what she thought about it — she said (and she could have been trying to be nice) that while she was a Chicago Democrat, our MeetUp was her favorite. We were nicest to the wait staff, actually ordered things, tipped well and generally did not make a mess or a nuisance.

  4. Say thank you, Mayor “Putz” Bloomberg, the progressive Mayor of New York City. Get OUT OF TOWN, jackass. We are sick of your pusillanimous behavior toward the OWS MOB.

  5. Oh, come one people, let’s get real about this.

    First, Epstein was capitalist, a 1%’er, who got his money to open his cafe by exploiting a bunch of 99%’ers. New York didn’t become a great city from the likes of him. The 99% just “got back” what he took from them in the first place. Simple justice, really.

    Second, you have to expect a few casualties in the war for socialism.

    Just remember, in a few short years, those now out of work will have free health care, courtesy of President Obama, so it all works out.

  6. This feels like a gross oversimplification of the issue once again. Business close daily due to a wide variety of factors and to suggest that this was simply an offshoot of the Occupy movement is bad politicking at its worst. The Occupy movement may have had a hand in the business shutting down, but I live in a town where businesses shut down almost daily.

    • Barricades erected by the city, as a direct result of Occupy appropriating a public space for their exclusive use, dried up foot traffic. The owner couldn’t make the nut, in the end.

      But don’t you stop rationalizing!

    • Rght. The barricades right in front of his business for 3 months had nothing to do with it. What business wouldn’t thrive under those circumstances.

  7. Could be crony capitalism at work – Sure one of the Mayor’s friends or contributors didn’t have an eye out for that spot and here’s the perfect opportunity ?