Witch hunt against TV meteorologists who disagree on global warming?

Tony Pann of WBAL discusses man made global warming and talks about a “witch hunt” against television meteorologists who share his views.

From the Examiner:

There is a modern day Witch Hunt going on in the debate over Climate Change. A political action group has started a movement , and a new website, to try and get as many TV Weathercasters “in line” with their beliefs about Climate Change as possible. They go by the title of Forecast The Facts, and have gone as far as e-mailing every TV News Director in the country urging them to get the on air talent to start doing more stories on Global Warming and to incorporate more of that information into the weathercasts. They have even put up a list of the “bad” weather people who have spoken out against the science behind this theory! Remind you of the 1950s in any way??? Hmmmm….

Jason Samenow of WaPo

If you present the weather on TV and you reject that global warming is the result of human activities, the spotlight on you is hotter than ever. But the attention is a colossal waste of energy.

Coinciding with this week’s American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans, the groups 350.org, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Citizen Engagement Lab have launched a campaign that exposes television weathercasters who take a contrarian stance on climate change science.

The campaign, called Forecast the Facts, launched a website that identifies 47 TV weathercasters by name who have publicly expressed climate change views considered outside of the mainstream.


This confrontational approach is the wrong approach and promises to only further divide TV weathercasters whose views on the issue of climate change are already polarized.

The rationale for the campaign are results from a survey conducted by George Mason University in 2010* that found 63% of weathercasters believe global warming is due mainly to natural causes compared to just 31% who think it’s mostly a result of human causes. Some 27 percent of weathercasters referred to global warming as “a scam.”


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  1. The standing response on this is that meteorologists are not qualified to hold an opinion on the matter. Only Climatologists have the required knowledge to understand this complex issue. No one else need apply. In this context. (Although in any other context, the “consensus view of the world’s scientists” is viewed as proof enough of a problem. Go figure.)