Who is David McFatridge and why did he pull the EPA Roman crucifixion video?

Refreshing things from Politico in my previous post on this subject:

Sen. Jim Inhofe’s staff wants to know more about why YouTube took down a video that showed an EPA regional administrator comparing the agency’s enforcement philosophy to Roman crucifixions.

The takedown, which POLITICO noticed early Friday, apparently took place at the behest of a “citizen media” activist who had originally posted the video on YouTube, Inhofe spokesman Matt Dempsey said by email.

Dempsey said the video of EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz originally came from a YouTube channel called “Citizen Media for We The People,” run by someone named David McFatridge.

That name also appears on the YouTube error screen that replaced Inhofe’s Armendariz video link. It reads: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by David McFatridge. Sorry about that.”

Why all of a sudden with this activist for open media want to hide this video? Maybe because it was being ridiculed to the point that it was hurting the liberal agenda he supports?

Let’s look at exactly who David McFatridge is now and we will then have an answer.

Lachlan Markay of Heritage points out:

The YouTube video’s owner appears to be the same David McFatridge listed as an activist for the radical environmental group the Sierra Club. McFatridge has been active in a number of anti-hydraulic fracturing campaigns.

My previous post points out that:

McFatridge doesn’t appear in the FEC database as a contributor to any federal campaigns. You can google him and find all sorts of comments he’s left on news articles – most of them related to gay activism and some related to his environmental causes as mentioned by Politico.

My previous post also showed he is an activist with Queer LiberAction in Fort Worth, Texas.

If you look at David McFatridge’s Facebook page, you will soon see some more evidence of him as an Obama supporter and liberal activist which might explain why he pulled the video in question.

Specifically, McFatridge’s likes include Accomplishments of President Barack Obama by DCCC, Oregon AFL-CIO, Bernie Sanders, Occupy Portland, Occupy Dallas, Occupy Fort Worth, We Are The Other 99, Stop Fracking – Save the Karoo, Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, No More Dirty Tar Sands Oil, Shale Test, Stop Tarsands Oil Pipelines, ProPublica, Stand With Julia – Stop TransCanada’s Eminent Domain Abuse, Dallas, the next Gasland?, GetEQUAL TX, Texans for Marriage Equality- DFW, Jim Hightower, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans United for Separation of Church and State,”Reclaim America from The Lunatic Fringe!”, Anderson Cooper, Tar Sands Action, Texans Against Perry, Public Citizen, Lt. Dan Choi, Save Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, Portland Gay Volleyball, Queer LiberAction, and many other liberal and progressive causes.

The YouTube channel for Citizen Media for We The People includes the picture of McFatridge at the top of this post.

It also includes this statement (emphasis added):

AAbout Citizen Media for We The People

This is a Citizen Media channel where I upload and share videos that you will not see in the Corporate Media.

I try to record events in their entirety as they happen unlike Corporate Media that only looks for short sound bites. I find the ‘drive-by’ tactics of corporate media reprehensible.

Some of the videos I create have a biased opinion where I am trying to counter opposing propaganda.

(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Consider ALL video Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

The video went viral yesterday and had been all over the news cycle. Reuse was allowed by the terms above (a minor nitpick might resolve around whether Inhofe’s office using it included attribution, but still it was pulled from the main channel as well.) We have an Obama and Occupy supporter (and environmental activist) who is going against his own espoused principles of openness for political reasons. Luckily, MRC TV preserved the video and it’s embedded below.

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  1. Since the EPA has Ipso-facto, demonstrated that it uses ancient Roman tactics in order to sustain private company submission, the liberty to do business in American is now at an end. Just maybe it is time to look for the Decline of the EPA (so-called Roman) Empire. What would be the first step in this decline? And just how does Roman law get implemented in our Constitutional Government without a VERY SERIOUS amount of legal bloodshed. What is it going to take in order that we may rid ourselves of such a tyrannical organization? Barbarian Hordes prepare for the worst.