In the Queue – 3 May 2012

This is a new feature inspired by other aggregation posts at other blogs. I’ll try to do it every day. It will feature some of the notable things I’ve read recently.

National Security, Foreign Affairs & the U.S. Military has all the latest news on the Chen Guangcheng (pictured at left) scandal in China. Chen phoned into a special hearing on Capitol Hill this afternoon. Foreign Policy reports that U.S. officials helped convey a threat from the Chinese that Chen would never see his wife again if he didn’t leave the U.S. Embassy yesterday.

Spencer Ackerman writes at Danger Room (and Gizmodo) about how Osama Bin Laden was confused by the concept of email – which might have explained why al Qaeda used the sneaker transfer method with thumb drives. The story also points out that Bin Laden told others to use “Brother Azzam” (Adam Gadhan) to vet which media in the U.S. to try to get stories to. Ackerman gives a shoutout to a DC-centric blog when he says the following about Azzam: “Gadahn tracked the press like he worked for Fishbowl DC.”

Naked DC points out that Bin Laden was apparently a fan of Keith Olbermann.

Jonn at This Ain’t Hell points out that the Ron Paul campaign has refused to cooperate with the military investigation of Jesse Thorsen, who showed up at a public event in uniform to endorse Paul.

American Politics & Government

Ezra Dulis at Big Government writes about the ham-handed attempts by Nancy Pelosi’s office to jump on the hot meme bandwagon that is Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan.

Ed Morrissey has a good counter-narrative about what “Julia” – the Obama campaign meme of the day – would really live like.

A story from PJ Tatler points out that NOAA hasn’t learned from the GSA scandal and is looking for magicians for conventions and conferences.


Mitt Romney meets with conservative bloggers off the record Wednesday. HuffPo writes about. Other bloggers and BuzzFeed note the irony of the story being leaked to HuffPo while Tommy Christopher rants about Stacy McCain’s blogging on the matter – all the while elevating McCain with the attack while trying to imply he is irrelevant. The Lonely Conservative is upset about not being invited, while William Jacobson would’ve skipped it if invited.

FishbowlDC reports that Mark Knoller (of CBS News) wrote the Treasury Secretary because a Starbucks near the White House wouldn’t take a $50 for payment. Not really sure a tweet that says “Memo to Tim Geithner” means he actually wrote the secretary. Either way, Starbucks apologized.


New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera (at left) hurt his knee before a game in Kansas City tonight while he was shagging fly balls during batting practice.

A report from The Weekly Standard reports that members of the men’s rowing team at Tufts were suspended for wearing a shirt that says “Check out our Cox” and has a rowing picture on it. There were apparently complaints that the shirt was offensive towards women. I really wonder what the complainers would say if they were at the University of South Carolina and saw these hats.

Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens will miss the 2012 season after tearing his Achilles tendon playing pickup basketball. Some might say that Suggs was on the receiving end of bad karma after his attacks on Tim Tebow’s religion.

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