Report: Possible Coverup in Colombian Secret Service Scandal

Susan Katz Keating reports:

We have not heard the full story of the Secret Service sex scandal in Bogota, sources tell me. Questions already are coming to light about the main incident and how the Secret Service addressed allegations that some of its members partied too hard while assigned to protect the POTUS in Columbia this year. According to a very well placed insider, the investigation conveniently left out one significant element: Who else was at the party?

“Check the logs for the White House advance team,” my source told me. “You will be surprised to see who else was there.”

The source did not specify whether the other partygoers were White House staffers or if their identities merely are being concealed by the White House.

Meanwhile, the whistleblowing call girl whose pay squabble brought Secret Service “culture” under intense scrutiny has curiously bounced high from the scandal.

This certainly raises eyebrows in an election year. The questions raised probably need to be investigated fully to ensure there was no coverup for political reasons.

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Jeff Quinton

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