UPDATED: Bob McDonnell (or is it Paul Ryan) to be announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate?

This Mitt Romney ad shows up on the top of the Google results page if you search for Bob McDonnell (with or without the quotation marks.) Presently, this ad doesn’t show up if you’re searching on any of the other potential vice presidential candidates.

Earlier this week, it was suggested that Wikipedia edits might be a way to determine who would get Romney’s VP nod. I’d heard talk that pages were locked down for editing by Wikipedia because of that but last time I looked they weren’t locked down for people logged in or via anonymous edits. There is just a reminder about the standards on the edit screen.

I also heard someone make a good point related to all the Romney bus tour speculation and about who he might pick. While to many it appears Romney won’t be picking his┬árunning mate this week (if he does expect it to be no later than tomorrow possibly), there is something of an opportunity this weekend that would work for either of two candidates.

USS Wisconsin

This Saturday morning in Norfolk, Romney will be having an event at the U.S.S. Wisconsin at the Nauticus museum. This would be an opportune moment to announce Gov. Bob McDonnell as his pick in his home state. Additionally, it could also be a good time to announce Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his choice. I’ve heard Ryan is supposed to be on vacation this weekend far from Virginia or Wisconsin but that could also be misdirection.

Here’s a tweet I made about this possibility:

Update: The same type of Google Ad placement is now present for Marco Rubio searches. Thanks to commenter STS for pointing it out.

Jeff Quinton

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