2 Democrats hosting fundraisers on 9/11

Maryland Delegates Eric Bromwell (one of my delegates) and
Jon Cardin are both holding fundraisers today.

Bromwell is the son of former state senator Thomas Bromwell, who was sentenced to federal prison time following a corruption conviction. Cardin is the nephew of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin.

In 2009, Jon Cardin misused Baltimore City Police resources (a boat and helicopter) to facilitate his marriage proposal.

Cardin at least is spinning this the right way even though he is still wrong. The theme of Bromwell’s party for 9/11 is mind boggling.

Both of these events are so mind-boggling and infuriating that I broke my iPad out to blog about it from the labor & delivery suite at the hospital while my wife(who considers herself a friend of Bromwell) is in early stages of labor.

The only solution for both Bromwell and Cardin is to donate every single penny raised to either a 9/11 survivors’ charity or to the USO or Wounded Warrior Project. I’d also urge anyone thinking of going to these events to stay home, Additionally, I would encourage donors to ask for refunds of all campaign contributions to both of these politicians.

Bryan Sears has the details

UPDATED (10:01 a.m.)—A state delegate says his fundraiser on the anniversary of 9/11 is just one of the “patriotic things that we do.”

Del. Jon Cardin, a Democrat who represents Owings Mills, Pikesville and part of Timonium, will hold a fundraiser at the Baltimore home of David Thaler, president of DS Thaler and Associates.

Ticket price for the two-hour reception runs $125 to $1,000 per person.

Also holding an event today is Del. Eric Bromwell, a Perry Hall Democrat, who hosts his annual “Jamaican-Me-Crazy” party at the Bay Cafe in Baltimore at $125 per person.

Bromwell, according to his Facebook page, plans to ask attendees to write notes to members of the military serving overseas.

Cardin told The Huffington Post that holding a fundraiser on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC and Shanksville, PA does not pose a problem.

“I don’t think it’s inappropriate, and we have a lot of patriotic things that we do, and one of them is getting involved in political action in the political world, and it’s an opportunity to really get together and also have sort of a very important conversation about improving our country and our state,” Cardin told The Huffington Post. “Sept. 11 should be a day that we do that like every other day.”

Cardin is raising money for a possible run for attorney general in 2014.

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