UPDATED: Hurricane Sandy causing changes to Maryland early voting


At his 2 p.m. briefing at MEMA HQ, Gov. O’Malley has said there will be no early voting Tuesday and they will have to look into figuring out how to make up the hours.



[Governor O’Malley] said early voting scheduled for Monday would be rescheduled. An announcement on the rescheduling of early voting is expected Monday

Early voting started Saturday and is supposed to end Thursday.

However, as monoblogue points out, it could be extended into next weekend:

As the storm stands at the moment (I’m writing this late Saturday night) the biggest impacts could come Monday into Tuesday, although deteriorating conditions may force a shortening of Sunday hours as well. My best guess is that whatever days are scrubbed will be added onto the back end, so losing Monday and Tuesday will likely mean early voting is extended into Friday and Saturday of this coming week.

He also points out the applicable section of state law as it relates to the state of emergency Governor O’Malley has already declared due to Hurricane Sandy.

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