Medal of Honor Recipient bashed over head with bottle and beat down by up to 10 people

There were reports earlier in the week that Marine Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer was involved in an incident at a bar that required him to visit the hospital.

I’ve heard secondhand from someone watching Fox News today say that they reported that he was hit over the head with a bottle and, that while he was on the ground, he was beaten and kicked by up to ten people. The online articles for Fox News and other sources don’t yet say anything about that.

A local news report indicates the following:

State police have made an arrest for a fight that injured a medal of honor recipient.

Police arrested 18-year-old Kanissa’a Thompson, of Columbia, late Thursday afternoon. He is being charged with 2nd Degree Assault.

Police say Thompson injured Dakota Meyer during a fight at a party in Adair county. Meyer was taken to the hospital, but was not seriously injured.


Police say Meyer had to be taken to the hospital after the fight.


We have learned that police and an ambulance were called to the Red Barn Event Center, a building 4 miles east of Columbia used to hold receptions and parties.

Those close to the situation say the party, that involved alcohol, got way out of hand and someone’s foot even went through a wall.

We were told that Meyer was taken to the hospital but has since been released and he is expected to be OK.

Police are not commenting on what caused the fight or who is to blame. Police say it is possible charges will be filed.

We have learned that Meyer was a guest of the party by his brother.

More from another source which also appears to have a mugshot of Kanisa’a Thompson:

Meyer was treated at Westlake Hospital Sunday and reportedly had to get staples in his head from cuts suffered during the assault.

This Ain’t Hell has more details:

Fox broadcast news is saying that he was knocked unconscious and woke up in the hospital.

This appears to be the mugshot:

More from CNN:

The Event Center, located in a dry county in south-central Kentucky, was hosting a party celebrating nearby Lindsey Wilson College women’s soccer national championship.

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  1. Só please tell me why it says he was beat down or whatever by 10 people but only one has been arrested,, is it because he’s black,, i mean really whats wrong with you ppl,, nobody wants to kno the truth about Dakota,, that he has an alochol problem and that he pulled a gun on them that night.. And that Kanissa’a was only taking up for a girl that Dakota had knocked down.. Are you ppl só close minded that you think it was him jus because of the color of his skin,, why dont yall get the facts before you blame the black guy..

  2. Sounds like they arrested the guy who a: started it, or b: hit him with the bottle, or c: was identifiable as a responsible party.

    Just because 10 folks got involved does not mean they were the primary actors…then again if they were maybe more arrests will follow when they are identified.

    BTW, you’re the one sounding, and being, racist. Obviously, the black guy is innocent and the white guy got what he had coming. For you it’s all about the race…so, as you would say…”whats (sic) wrong with you ppl” Go look in the mirror for your problems, not out the window.