Maryland Republican reportedly made anti-gay slur

blaineyoungUPDATE: Be sure to read a follow-up post here. It sounds like the whole thing has been overblown.

Blaine Young is a Republican and President of the Frederick County (MD) Board of Commissioners. He has been talked about as a candidate for Governor in 2014, however I’d heard he really isn’t that serious about it (or isn’t that serious of a candidate, take your pick.)

According to reports on Twitter he made an anti-gay slur at a rally in Hagerstown yesterday and there may be video of it. I assume it was at the Western Maryland Day of Resistance rally (a pro-gun rally.)

If this report turns out to be true, it would be the second issue of Young being intemperate in public. It was reported in January that he swore at a 17-year old referee at a youth basketball game during an argument.

This tweet was made by @MDPolitico yesterday:

Followups include:

UPDATE The following tweets were made during the speech Saturday.


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