Was what Blaine Young said really an anti-gay slur?

Earlier I blogged about tweets claiming that Blaine Young, apparently a candidate for Maryland Governor and the current President of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, making an “anti-gay slur” at a rally in Hagerstown yesterday.

I’ve now heard that what Young reportedly said was a rather old line that has been made at many conservative events and speeches over the past 15-20 years. The line was reportedly, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

To me, saying this is a slur is making a mountain out of molehill and is a tempest in a teapot likely being stirred by those supporting other potential Republican candidates. Granted, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say.

The fact that Young had the earlier basketball game argument probably did make it more believable, but using a throwaway line like that isn’t what most people think of as a slur.

Video of Young’s comments are about at the 0:45 mark below:

Jeff Quinton

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