Petitioner wants to remove Confederate Memorial from the face of Stone Mountain

stone-mountainI saw a friend’ s post in my Facebook newsfeed today that referred to a petition calling for the removal of the Confederate carving from the face of Stone Mountain in Georgia.

My Facebook friend compared it to the Taliban’s destruction of Buddha sculptures in Afghanistan. While the carving itself isn’t as old as those sculptures, I do agree that the carving itself is historic in itself now and should not be removed.

The carving was started by Gutzon Borglum who also started Mount Rushmore and sculpted the North Carolina monument at Gettysburg.

Additionally, after a state flag fight that resulted in Georgia changing its state flag twice after a nasty round of politics on both sides, I’d doubt anyone had the stomach for such a fight in Georgia.

Also, how would it be funded if it were done? How would what the petitioner proposes to replace it be paid for?

The petition has been up just under a month and has a whole ten signatures now. There are three people in Georgia who signed it. Everyone else is from an area outside the South.

The petitioner identifies himself as  McCartney Forde I. Yes that’s an I after his name.

Forde apparently works at an Apple Store in the Atlanta area and also is an actor on a web-only television series. You can see him listed 16th on the cast listing online if you feel like scrolling down that far. His favorite videos on YouTube are here.

On Twitter, he is @McCartneyForde and has 62 followers.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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Quinton is a native South Carolinian who has lived in Baltimore since 2006. He is a recent convert to the Catholic Church and is active in the Knights of Columbus. He has been involved in the pro-life movement nationally and locally since 2010.

Quinton is a veteran who served as an intelligence analyst in the Army National Guard. He is also an Eagle Scout.
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  1. Thank you, Mr. Quinton for writing about the Stone Mountain petition. While Google has done you somewhat of a disservice when it comes to the information about me you hoped to disseminate, I wanted to take a moment to answer some of the questions posed in your article. You stated that your Facebook friend compared it to “the Taliban’s destruction of Buddha sculptures in Afghanistan.” In my petition, which I doubt you read, since you have questions that may have been answered in the body of the petition, it is it is likened to the large murals of dictators like Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, and Fidel Castro in their respective countries, an homage to an icon of the oppressor towering over the oppressed.

    It is proposed that the monument is replaced by a monument that honors Georgia veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom for ALL Americans, as opposed to honoring icons of an entity that wanted to divide our great nation in the name of keeping a whole race of people enslaved.

    I would propose the transformation be paid for through fundraising and help from the state of Georgia, who owns the property. With that in mind, since monument is owned by the people of Georgia, the monument should represent something ALL the people of this great state that I love so much can be proud of.

    While I can appreciate your thinly veiled attempts at sarcasm, I invite you to actually read the petition, and I am more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

    I am also open to any respectable dialogue you or anyone else would like to have on the subject.

    And yes, that is a Roman numeral one after my name.

    McCartney Forde, I

    • You can’t change history and as a native of Stone Mountain, it will never happen. I’m offended you would propose such idiotic piece of paper and have those sign it who have no idea why they are up on the mountain, it does represent the citizens of Georgia and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go see it or set foot in the park. You need to educate yourself on the history and appreciate the fact that good came out of the civil war and if the South had of won, who knows where this country would be. I know a lot of people would love to change some things about Atlanta, but know it will never happen just like changing the carving will never happen, it is apparent you need publicity for your failing career, so by proposing such stupid thoughts, you think you will get some notoriety and the much needed publicity you think you need. You are young and naïve and your mugshot shows that you have a lot to learn, start learning by knowing your history and accepting it for what it is instead of trying to sweep it under the rug, It will never happen!!!

    • Is there a petition to deport McCartney Forde for trying to erase America’s history what an idiot !
      If he does not like what he sees in this country he should leave.

    • Get a job…….do you seriously not have anything better to do than create drama over the Stone Mtn carvings??? Really??? And I can tell you are an egomaniac with the snide comment about the Roman numeral I after your name……, didn’t get much attention as a child I guess??? Now it’s your turn to make a name and enjoy your 15 minutes in the spotlight………this whole issue will be over in the next week or two (you only have a handful of pathetic signatures) and you’ll still be a whiny Liberal who thinks that because you’re offended by the carvings that you could actually influence history……’re wrong……enjoy your desperate existence and starvation for attention……..peace, out……

  2. I respectfully disagree with you wholeheartedly. You can read my response in the comments of the 11 Alive News facebook link to your petition. It is most certainly not a black smudge on Atlanta. You are most incorrect, sir, in likening it to Hussein, Jong or Castro. The men depicted on the side of Stone Mountain were military leaders and historical figures in the Civil War. Jefferson and Washington had slaves as well. Slavery existed in biblical times, Roman times, even the Vikings had slaves. The monument is not of one for slavery. The Civil War was not entirely, or even mostly about slavery. Know your history. I do. I was born and raised in Georgia. Were you? I doubt it. It’s very much like someone who takes the bible and pulls out a part of it to prove their point. You cannot do that. You have to take the entire book and the entire story into context before you can make valid points. If you feel oppressed by the monument, don’t look at it. Don’t pay attention to it. I encounter many things on a daily basis that I disagree with. I cannot remove everything I don’t like, because then it would be MY world and not OUR world.

    So, I suggest, you remove your petition. Be a better, wiser man and accept the monument for what it is, a piece of history. Because if everyone did what you did, a monument to Martin Luther King would be removed too. Wouldn’t that be unfair to history as well? Should we erase Hitler from history books? How about Stalin? Should we ignore the plight of the Somalians? Or Malians? How about the Israelites? When do you draw the line? We all inhabit this earth….and a monument doesn’t make you a slave. Only you can do that to yourself by not letting go and moving forward.

  3. Forde I(am an idiot), after tearing down the monument we can go thru the cemetaries in Georgia and destroy the
    headstones of conferate veterans, because they’re just as bad as their leaders since the confederate army was all
    volunteer. I see that you’re an actor are you trying to get your name out there in hopes of landing a role in
    something other than a grade school play?

  4. I’m going to start a petition to remove McCartney Forde from the State of Georgia…….I mean seriously, this guy needs to get off the unemployment line and get a job……he’s obviously got too much time on his hands…….hey dumbas*, you can’t change history…….hey, if you knew history, you would know that Washington owned slaves, so go try to take down Mt Rushmore…….GET A LIFE you dork!!!!

    By the way, last time I checked, the online voter’s poll was close to 25,000 “NO’s” and 1,400 “YES’s” so you’ll never get the signatures required, so nice try, now back to the unemployment line………..

  5. I think Mr. Forde should be deported to North Korea. Try screaming your rhetoric there and see what happens. Mr. Forde, get a life…get a job…go pick up the latest Spiderman comic….and GROW UP. But, if all else fails, you can go out pn a date…..that is if you can find the pump to inflate your girlfriend. And just think, if you fill her up with hot air, y’all will be twins!!!!!!