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pettreyMeet Blair Pettrey (a.k.a. Whitney Blair Pettrey, a.k.a. Blair Pettrey-Hill.)

I’d received a tip earlier this week that Pettrey, who is a candidate for State Senate in District 3 next year, was recently the defendant in a legal action in Frederick relating to a peace order.

I looked her up in Maryland Case Search and verified what I’d been told (the filing information is at the bottom of this post.)

On May 15, the initial complaint was filed and a hearing was held regarding the temporary peace order. Then on May 24, the hearing for the final order took place. The final peace order is in place through November 24, 2013. During that time, Ms. Pettrey shall not abuse, shall not contact, shall not enter residence, and shall stay away from the the employer of the complainant. Her counsel of record for the matter is listed at Michael Smigiel Sr., who is also a Republican member of the House of Delegates.

I contacted Smigiel’s office and Pettrey directly asking for comment on this matter. I received the following reply from Pettrey:

I am happy to answer your questions as I believe in utter transparency, in contrast to the current atmosphere in Annapolis.

I am not sure there is much to talk about. A friend from Church and I became close, after a few months I decided the relationship should just be a friendship and suggested we not contact one another anymore. I missed my friend and contacted him to suggest that we could still be friends. He did not want to be just friends and asked me not to contact him. I subsequently sent him a message about the priest at our Church’s last day there and asked if he would be in attendance and then later sent him a message asking him to say a prayer for me as I was going in for a job interview. He apparently was more emotional than I had known and said he was bothered by the contact. When we went to court, we reached an agreement where I voluntarily agreed to have the peace order entered and told the court I have no desire to contact my former friend, I did not know he was so sensitive that my reaching out would hurt him. There was never any physical abuse or allegations of physical abuse and thus I don’t know why this is even news worthy.

I got the tip Monday and got the reply from Pettrey on Tuesday. I still haven’t received a response from Smigiel. I had been leaning against even writing this blog post until I saw some passive aggressive social media posts today from Pettrey that were obviously directed at me.

I first noticed this tweet:


This status also went to her Facebook timeline, and someone asking for clarification got the reply “#noneedfordeets” from Pettrey.

It’s pretty obvious to me that this status is meant for me following my inquiry yesterday about the peace order.

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life but RINO is a new one. Not to make this post about me, but I voted for Pat Buchanan in both the 1992 and 1996 Republican primaries in my native state of South Carolina. I was active in Christian Coalition events in the 1993-1994 timeframe. I supported Rick Santorum in the 2012 primaries and I worked for a pro-life group full-time over 3 years. I’m such a RINO supporter of the establishment that I wrote this and this.

Of course, she didn’t refer to me by name or include my Twitter handle, which could be called cowardly at worst and passive aggressive at best. She has my email address since she responded to my inquiry. Blair, if you have something to say to me, have the courtesy and stones to actually say it directly to me.

Then last night, she made a Facebook status update (apparently also after my inquiry) in which she said:


This appears to be referring to a post I made about convicted stalker Ryan Miner.

Of course, I said I was praying for Ryan Miner. I have done so and continue to do so. He has a lot going on and he and his family both need the prayers right now. I don’t need to say I’m praying for someone to justify anything I write. I’m not a Republican party activist. I don’t owe any allegiances based on politics. I just call them as I see them and write about things that I find interesting and newsworthy to me. Based on the reaction I got after my two posts this weekend, plenty of others find the subject newsworthy as well.

I’m a conservative who wants the Republican Party in this state to stop alternating between shooting itself in the foot and having its activists engage in the circular firing squad. I want there to be electoral success without compromising principles through the candidates, activists, and others doing things intelligently and for the right reasons.

If Miner had continued with the David Craig campaign in such an enlarging role his foibles would most certainly have been made an issue by the Democrats in the general election next year (assuming that Craig wins the nomination.) I’ll have more on the defense of Miner by Prettey and others in a later post.

Additionally, the source that tipped me to this peace order situation involving Blair Pettrey wants the strongest candidates possible to be running as Republican nominees for office. One long-time Republican observer pointed out to me that Prettey would do good to get to 30% against incumbent Senator Ron Young. That observation was made without including the details of this post in the equation. The least derogatory thing I’ve heard about Prettey from Republican activists might be that she is “nutty” and that characterization has nothing to do with her politics.

In a letter to the editor to The Frederick News-Post earlier this year, Blair Pettrey reveals a few interesting things:

  • She formerly was a “Marxist” liberal.
  • Despite being a NRA member, she has never owned or fired a gun and never will.
  • Despite being born in 1985, she didn’t read the U.S. Constitution until 2012.

A picture on her campaign Facebook page from May of her holding an AR-15 has a comment by her in reply to another commenter implying that she does plan to fire a gun at some point in the future. This seemingly contradicts her claims in the Letter to the Editor earlier this year.

She also made another post on her campaign Facebook page last week saying that:

If elected, I will always base my political actions on the Constitution, rather than my personal beliefs. [Take heed, Senator Young].

This logically raises a question for me – how much of the Constitution does Blair Pettrey not believe in?

Is this just a misstatement by a political neophyte? Or is it an attempt to nuance her way around the abortion issue without angering her conservative base?

A recent story on her bid for office indicated she had tried a rather novel approach to things:

State Sen. Ron Young likely recognizes the name of Blair Pettrey, the Frederick woman who has declared her intention of seizing his seat in 2014. She’s the one who launched the “lovely letter-writing campaign” that sent Young’s offices a daily handwritten message for six months straight. Though the letters covered everything from taxes to gun control, Pettrey said she got only one response from Young’s office.

“I felt my voice wasn’t heard,” she said.

Writing a Senator every single day for six months is going to get your letters in the nut file or sent straight to the circular file in almost every circumstance.

The same article has this line:

Pettrey said she’s never held elected office but has worked on a number of races in the past. Her participation in Frederick politics traces back to a meeting with Michele Bachmann in January 2011, shortly after Pettrey moved to the area from Utah.
Bachmann challenged Pettrey to read the U.S. Constitution, and after she did, Pettrey said she instantly knew she was a Republican.

Of course this presents another potential problem for Pettrey since in her letter to the editor she claimed that she read the Constitution in Januaryof 2012 and got active after that. Was it 2011 or 2012? Her biography on her campaign site points out she has only been active in the Young Republicans and her local Republican Club since 2012. She’s only been a NRA member since earlier this year.

The recent article also contains this information:

Pettrey said she wanted to get an early start on her race because she is a relative newcomer to the local political scene and doesn’t fit the mold for a typical GOP candidate (i.e., she’s young, female, tattooed).

“I do have a lot of work ahead of me as far as getting my name known … and to prove I am a true conservative,” she said.

Her campaign website‘s issues page is literally a blank slate – with a “Page Under Construction” note. Issues are more important than your personal biography on a campaign site, especially when your bio is as unimpressive as Pettrey’s. Of course, I’m sure her work at the Gender Studies Center in college will play well in a Republican primary in the Frederick area. Then again, she can dazzle the voters with her IQ and ACT scores which are both listed on her LinkedIn profile.

There is also a listing for the Frederick Grassroots Coalition on her various biographies. I haven’t been able to find anything about this organization online other than on Blair Pettrey profiles. It appears tweets and Facebook postings have been deleted about a meeting that was supposed to take place tomorrow night at the Business Factory of Frederick and apparently included her attorney, Del. Smigiel.

From one of her profiles:

 I am the co-founder of “Frederick Grassroots Coalition” with is a non-partisan, nonprofit group that seeks to help choice candidates with their elections by providing financial resources, fundraising events, marketing, research and data

I haven’t been able to find any sort of information on this group elsewhere but the description she gives it makes it sound like an organization that couldn’t be a 501(c)(3) because of some of the things planned and mentioned. The election laws and tax laws can be very tricky on that kind of thing.

Pettrey also is a photographer and one of her specialties is boudoir photography.

What I’ve written about Blair Pettrey is just the tip of the iceberg from what I’ve been told by informed sources. However, I’ve just put up things that are well documented that are concerning. Her side of the story is all I know about this peace order situation and it doesn’t sound right when it comes to her version.

Blair Pettrey is way too green to run for State Senate at this point, especially when you throw in all the other facts detailed above. Maybe she should look at running for a lesser office first and see how she does there. Pointing out her own lack of experience and the fact she had Marxist views rather recently both are red flags. Her gaffes and inconsistencies in things she has written and said show a lack of attention to detail that can be fatal to a political candidate going against an entrenched incumbent.

Remember, her passive aggressive and  juvenile attacks on me helped ensure this post was written with so much detail.

I will make the same offer to Ms. Pettrey that I made to Ryan Miner (that he refused.) She can have her unedited response run as its own blog post on this site.



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Jeff Quinton

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  1. Mr. Quinton;

    First off; as I have now officially also written on my twitter-the allegation that you stated about me that you think was in reference to you, was in no way in reference to you. Of course when you first contacted me, I could only do my own research as well. I appreciate and admire what you are doing for politics, especially our party.

    As a devout Christian, I admire the work you have done and continue to do for the safety, protection and voice of all who may never have a voice to be heard otherwise.

    As I stated in my email to you; again, I did not attend that hearing ‘with a fight’, but rather as a message of humility, it was a civil case not a criminal case and I did not feel the need to fight something. If the 3 times I had text messaged the gentleman, regardless if they were about church or about Elmo, I respect that he wanted a peace order. So, I agreed without a hearing, to the order.

    By no means was I referring to you as a “RINO”; though I can see that trail of thought. IN fact, whilst I do think there is a matter of tact that is appropriate, and I feel you go above and beyond that level of appropriate, you are again just stating facts that can be googled by anyone.

    It’s unfortunate that Mr. Steven Berryman felt the need to betray my name by me sharing something with him I trusted; however, to slightly moderate the saying, “hell hath no fury like a man scorned” , and I stand by my allegiance to my father in heaven that I committed to when I ended my brief relationship with the married (which I was unaware of, and immediately ended our relationship upon becoming aware of), Mr Berryman.

    You can surely consider this my official response. I again, state that I respect you for your googling skills; but from one ‘nut’ to another – the greatest lesson I’ve learned since 2011 (which is when I became involved in politics, though in Virginia where I was dating at the time), 2012 is when I became involved in Frederick politics – discernment.

    dis·cern·ment [ di súrnmənt ]
    keenly selective judgment: good taste and judgment

  2. I’ve been through protective orders with my ex husband. If the order is voluntary, or, consented to it is listed as such in the judiciary case search as my ex’s was. The way in which hers is listed, it does not appear voluntary. That being said, who cares? If a guy set her up so he could gain favor with his jilted wife or if she did go mild stalker for a few days. Neither scenario would impact my opinion on the woman’s political fitness.

  3. You’re right, Ms. Pettrey is a rookie unprepared for state politics. I think giving her even 30% of the vote would be generous. Perhaps she should run for a city council seat?