Blair Pettrey – Bless Her Heart

bpettreyI told you all about Blair Pettrey yesterday, and she responded last night.

The plot has thickened since I wrote about her yesterday.

After my piece ran yesterday and after her response, it appears that she went on a massive scrubbing spree, trying to delete anything incriminating off the internet, and in some cases making whole profiles and accounts disappear. She even deleted her campaign website at

The first thing I noticed was her Facebook account was either deactivated or deleted (I verified this with others in case I had been blocked) and some of the tweets I mentioned were gone from Pettrey’s Twitter account. Then this morning I noticed her Twitter account was still there but all of the tweets had been deleted. Her profile and her LinkedIn profile (that talked about her 162 IQ and 28 ACT score) were also deleted. Her campaign Facebook page remained up.

Then, this morning her Facebook account reappeared with the following status update:


This status also went to her Twitter account in a truncated form since she’s one of those people who has the two accounts linked. In her case it’s the most annoying option of the methods of doing that – but she is a social media professional extraordinaire according to all her now-deleted profiles other places.

Anybody who still thinks it’s believable to delete things you’ve said that you were called on and then say you were hacked should probably take a lesson in crisis communications from the Anthony Weiner scandal.

Of course, if she was indeed hacked, then retained possession of her account, why does she need a new account? If there was a legitimate need for the new account because she was hacked, then why would she still have an old account up and active that she retains control of? Why not just change the password to something stronger and keep the old account?

Additionally, Mark Schaff, President of the Republican Club of Frederick County, refused comment on my original post and the peace order when I contacted him.

Now, on to the content of her reply…

She hits a few of the points I made while ignoring others. While denying she was referring to me as a RINO in her subtweet, she doesn’t deny the other post I pointed out was directed to me because she can’t.

She is still making the ludicrous claim that she voluntarily agreed to the peace order. Everyone who has read her initial explanation and her reply has commented on how the whole situation with the peace order is fishy based on her telling of the events. I may have more for my readers on that later.

Additionally, she starts throwing a name around in the context of the peace order and implying, as I read it at least, that he was the complainant in the peace order. I read it that way, but then again that part was hard to follow.

Pettrey also tries to label me a “nut” as if I’m just like her. Nope, I’m not just like her. I haven’t written a politician a letter a day for six months and then wondered and acted all insulted because I only got one reply. I am a photographer, but I’m not a boudoir photographer. I didn’t defend Ryan Miner. I’ve never been a “Marxist.” I’ve never been a party in an adulterous relationship. I read the U.S. Constitution way before I was in my mid-20s. My personal beliefs match up with the Constitution. I’ve never run for office and I won’t ever be crazy enough to do so. I’ve actually fired several guns and I’m a NRA member. I don’t think I would publicly say I was inspired to get active in politics by Michele Bachmann if I wanted a chance at winning in a district that’s like District 3.

All in all, there seems to be an interesting combination of crazy, naivete, ignorance, and maybe stupidity going on here and I’m not talking about me. I reserve the right to change my mind, and I hope I’m able to. Otherwise, Maryland Republicans better hope they find another candidate – a credible one – to run in the senate primary for District 3.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. What’s the big issue here? Maybe she has bad pr skills, but why do you care? This just seems like pointless bullying.

  2. I think there’s a line that separates reporting on a candidate’s odd behavior and “pointless bullying” — what Jeff is doing falls into the reporting category. Candidates for public office (and public officials) must be held to a slightly higher standard than the rest of us, simply because these are the people we elect to uphold and create legislation, enforce regulations, and act on our behalf in matters of government.

    When they show a lack of judgement and common sense in their personal lives, it makes us question their ability to represent us or act in a position of leadership.

    At the very least, Ms. Pettrey’s odd behavior shows the dangers of using social media badly, if you’re running for public office. God bless her little heart.