In Defense of Ryan Miner

RyanMinerWhen I last wrote about Ryan Miner, I had offered him the chance to respond to what I’ve written about him. Mr. Miner respectfully declined.

I know it might seem like bizarro world, but there are some people defending a man that got drunk and got into a screaming match with someone after a political event and then was stopped for drunk driving on the way home. It would be easy to chalk this up to “everyone makes mistakes” if this had been the first drunken confrontation Miner had gotten into at a political event. (I’ve heard of another similar confrontation.) Additionally, Miner’s track record of calling gays “subhuman” and apologizing for it, the plea deal he made on several stalking-related charges , and all of the other things that I have detailed and even some that I haven’t detailed all come into play.

Of course, some have said Miner is just a kid, but he’s 27 years old. Some have said that my blog posts are damaging to Mr. Miner. Maybe he should have thought about that when he actually did the things I wrote about. Of course, the most laughable notion I’ve heard is that Miner should get a lawyer and sue me for libel. What exactly is libelous about telling the truth about someone?

One of the first to leap to his defense online was Katie Nash, a candidate for Alderman in Frederick:


As you can see, Miner retweeted it (this was tweeted Sunday June 2.) Sure, my posts weren’t all rainbows and unicorns but I’d differ with them being an “attack.” I bore no malice in the posts on Mr. Miner. Of course, Ms. Nash’s passive aggression would’ve gone unnoticed by me had Miner not retweeted it. As I’ve said before, pointing out that it might be good for David Craig to dissociate himself from Miner might be politically best for him. Mr. Craig’s campaign obviously agreed, unless you believe the explanation that Miner “resigned.”

Another thing I noticed interesting about Ms. Nash’s candidacy: the cover image on her campaign’s Facebook page refers to her as the “Voice of Reason.” There are plenty of people in Maryland of all political persuasions, especially conservatives and libertarians, who will scream foul on that assertion. That title belongs to the late great Ron Smith.



Besides Ms. Nash, I previously pointed out that Blair Pettrey has defended Mr. Miner. Ms. Pettrey attacked my second post about Miner. Just like Katie Nash, Pettrey didn’t bother to address her comments to me, and in her response to my post, she didn’t address my criticism of this remark. It’s a good thing I got screen captures of her remarks, since Ms. Pettrey tried to remove almost all of her online presence.


As I said before:

Of course, I said I was praying for Ryan Miner. I have done so and continue to do so. He has a lot going on and he and his family both need the prayers right now. I don’t need to say I’m praying for someone to justify anything I write. I’m not a Republican party activist. I don’t owe any allegiances based on politics. I just call them as I see them and write about things that I find interesting and newsworthy to me. Based on the reaction I got after my two posts this weekend, plenty of others find the subject newsworthy as well.

I’m a conservative who wants the Republican Party in this state to stop alternating between shooting itself in the foot and having its activists engage in the circular firing squad. I want there to be electoral success without compromising principles through the candidates, activists, and others doing things intelligently and for the right reasons.

Of course this goes straight to people who say the Maryland GOP can’t expect to win doing things “like this” and meaning my blog posts for “this.” Maybe, if they could do a better job vetting their candidates and campaign staffs, there wouldn’t be anything to write about. Maybe if people didn’t keep doing stupid things repeatedly, nobody would know about them.

I find it specifically troubling, considering the types of charges that he has been charged with and convicted of in the past, that the diehard Miner supporters all seem to be women.

Below you will find exactly what Ms. Nash, Ms. Pettrey, and other defenders of Ryan Miner are defending:

















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  1. This is a quick response, I do not play party politics either and as I have left on my facebook page, all those who are running for offices or who are involved in the Public Political Arena, for a clear and concise view of those individuals, nothing should be shielded from the public. These are things they must know about. The Democrats would do this very thing and yet no one in the media would hold them accountable, they get free passes in Maryland. Its not that you are doing a personal attack here, you are providing the facts of something horrible that took place and as a fellow writer and blogger, I do the very thing, hold accountibility, its the only way we can be sure that we are doing our jobs.

  2. Honestly Jeff, those write-ups were pretty damning, but other than a few instances of “I heard of another similar instance” on your part, which I don’t think is totally above board, what you wrote appears to be strongly based in fact.

    Even more interestingly, it does not seem to have been countered with “alternate explanations” of these situations that are friendlier to Mr. Miner, be they the PA convictions or other recent issues. Even 5 years ago, a person like Mr. Miner could reasonably say, “Ehh, it’ll blow over.” But Long Live Search Engines. I’d say that he’s pretty much done.

    To the meat of the matter, and your small crew of “haters” – reporting on a wannabe politico who doesn’t have the sense to NOT drive drunk for 60? 70? miles – even though he already has a criminal record that he must know another arrest might bring to light – is not “bringing down” that person or their reputation. No one made that man write, do, drink, or drive the way he has.