Notes from Tuesday’s Baltimore County Lincoln Dinner

carsonTuesday night, the Baltimore County Republican Central committee hosted their annual Lincoln Day Dinner at Columbus Gardens in Fullerton. Dr. Ben Carson was the speaker.

Carson began his speech discussing growing up in poverty in Detroit. He talked about originally being known as the dumbest kid in the class (in the world to some of his classmates) and how when his mother turned off the t.v. and made him read that he discovered that poverty didn’t bother him as much.

Carson discussed high dropout rates in the U.S. and the poor educational system. He cited examples proving how bad things are and called for fixing it. He discussed reining in excessive spending several times throughout his speech. He discussed healthcare costs and how reform was done all at once instead of testing it piecemeal because of control issues.

Carson pointed out that he was a liberal when at Yale and then late in Reagan’s second term he became conservative and a Republican. He said he left the Republican party and became an independent because of what he termed the hypocrisy involved in the Clinton impeachment. Carson says that he has been an independent ever since.

He also discussed Judeo-Christian values and called for a return to morals and values as he pointed out that Rome fell because of moral relativism. He compared the federal government to a morbidly obese patient that needed to be slimmed down and made more efficient.

The speech was standard fare for Carson and was interrupted a few times with applause. He received a standing ovation when he was introduced, a partial standing ovation when he discussed his National Prayer Breakfast speech, and a longer standing ovation when he finished.

Some other notes:

  • The event was sold out and was an actual capacity crowd. (Note to David Ferguson: that means all the seats were occupied and all the tickets sold.) While it was announced that this was the first sellout in at least 10 years, one person told me that it was the first time for a crowd this large since Phil Gramm in 1996.
  • Maria Pycha was named Volunteer of the Year while former Baltimore County Councilman Bryan McIntire received a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • The most notable absence was Congressman Andy Harris.
  • There were several delegates there as well as several former delegates. The list is too long to include them all but I will mention that former delegate Don Murphy was there (his minion Ryan Miner was not.)
  • Candidates there included David Craig and Ron George running for Governor. Dan Bongino, candidate for Congress in MD-06 was also there. All three were sponsors of the event as was Charles Lollar who could not attend. Craig and George had signs up as part of their sponsorship inside the hall. Craig also had signs up outside.
  • Only 1/2 of the Republican delegation on Baltimore County Council was there. David Marks was a sponsor of the event while Todd Huff was absent.
  • Pat McDonough was skulking around in the back of the room and may have been late getting there. From what I heard, McDonough did not pay for a ticket and just crashed the event. He also reportedly tried to get into the VIP reception without paying for a ticket. He reportedly has a reputation for crashing events without paying.
  • Ric Metzgar, a candidate for delegate in District 6, and Pat McDonough were the only people that cluttered up windshields with fliers. Metzgar’s was for a Hawaiian luau fundraiser. McDonough’s was an awful flier that was in small type that filled a whole page and part of the back with no graphics, no bolding, or anything else to draw attention to it.
  • Derek Hunter, host of the noon- 2 p.m. show on WBAL-AM was also in attendance.
Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. I havent been to a Lincoln dinner since 07 when I moved from the county, but it was always a full room. ALWAYS.

    Isnt Gloria Murphy still on the BCRCC? Why wouldnt Don attend the event?

    McDonoughs wife, Pat always did his campaign related stuff ( ie flyers, emails) and she has an issue with her eyes so everything put out looks funky.
    On a related note, ask anyone ‘in the know’ about the year McDonough tricked a speaker into attending an event and springing the fact that she was a speaker when she arrived. She wrote her speech very quickly at the venue of the event.