The Last Word on Blair Pettrey

hire-me Since my last post on Blair Pettrey, there has been some buzz about her potential candidacy for State Senate.

I had heard after that post hit that she was waffling on whether to still file as a candidate (her campaign finance organization had already been formed and filed.)

After that, I heard from multiple sources that she has said she is not going to be a candidate for Senate. In fact, she wrote a letter to the Frederick News-Post that was published on July 12. The paper identified her as a candidate for Senate District 3. In the comments below the letter, Pettrey responded to commenters by pointing out, “FYI, not a candidate, just a citizen.”

Additionally, her campaign Facebook page has been deactivated. Her campaign website is still up but there’s not much going on there. (Remember, it was taken down once before.)

Of course, Pettrey’s attempts to control what’s written about her online have been catalogued before and those continued after my last post on her.

On July 10, I received the following note from her:

Hello Jeff!

I truly hope you and your family are doing well; you have a beautiful daughter you should certainly be proud of.

I ask however, because you are misconstruing facts; that you delete my response to you, from your website. All responses that I have left, I retract, and ask that they be removed; including any future correspondence.

You are a great blogger, I hope you are able to keep it up! Continue to aim for true conservatives, not politicians. I applaud what you do; and have never intended to cause you to think any other way.

I will continue to keep you in my daily prayers,

I sent a reply to her stating that I could not in good conscience delete any responses she gave to me on the record previously or delete any comments she left on blog posts. I also expressed incredulity that she would even want to email me correspondence in the future if I was really misconstruing things so badly. I informed her to be sure to put the words Off the Record at the top of any future correspondence she chose to send me. (Note she never said what I was allegedly misconstruing. Be sure to read my previous posts at the bottom of this one to catch up.)

Of course, this email exchange took place after something earlier that day. Pettrey made a tweet and then deleted it (I got a screen capture of it before it was scrubbed) referencing my wife by her maiden name that indicated she had been digging for information on my wife. That is a major mistake. Even the Mafia considers uninvolved family members to be “civilians” who are off-limits. My wife is totally uninvolved in politics and blogging.

There is plenty of other fertile ground for me to research and blog about Blair Pettrey. I hadn’t even scratched the surface on her time in Utah or in Fishersville, Virginia and I hadn’t even looked up the transcript on her peace order hearing yet (or any of the various other court records in Maryland related to her.) However, I will take her at her word now that she is a private citizen and not a candidate.

She seems to be focusing most of her energy through her other Facebook page, Blair Pettrey Will Work For Money. She also has a site at now. I previously mentioned her personal blog and I also found this odd blog that is apparently hers. She also seems to be keeping busy volunteering for candidates and maybe she and her buddy Ryan Miner can stay in touch through the Vogt campaign.

Perhaps, Pettrey will be able to start out small and run for a lesser office at some point in the future. As I said before about her, however:

Anybody who still thinks it’s believable to delete things you’ve said that you were called on and then say you were hacked should probably take a lesson in crisis communications from the Anthony Weiner scandal.

As long as no scandal of Blair Pettrey sexting pictures of herself to politicians comes to light, she might be successful at a campaign in the future. I wish her the best of luck.


Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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