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Meet David Vogt, candidate for Congress and Yankees fan.vogt Vogt is running against Dan Bongino to see who gets to face incumbent Democrat John Delaney in the 2014 general election.

As one blogger pointed out, political neophyte Vogt is not ready for prime time when it comes to political acumen.

Vogt has made several clumsy moves and then made poor alliances after his initial floundering. He has managed to get himself in the middle of a feud between his opponent and a hack lobbyist and that lobbyist’s minion. I’ll get into those details shortly.

I’ve established that convicted Stalker Ryan Miner is working as a social media guru for the Vogt campaign from multiple sources. I attempted to confirm this by emailing Vogt directly and asking him what exactly Miner’s role is with his campaign and whether it is paid or volunteer status. However, I have not received a reply from the usually responsive Vogt since I sent him that email midday Wednesday. Of course, if I were to contact Miner directly and ask him he would probably threaten to sue me again.

All you have to do is compare Miner’s social media feed to Vogt’s in the past couple of weeks to see some circumstantial evidence that corroborates what my sources tell me. Additionally, Vogt’s shot at Bongino that got him into trouble is exactly the kind of rhetoric that Miner and his mentor Don Murphy have used against Bongino in the past. Other things that Vogt has said about Bongino have come right out of the Murphy playbook as well.

miner-hatMiner (at right) fancies himself as Don Murphy’s protege. However, it’s more accurate to call him Murphy’s flunky, since Murphy is apparently too yellow to engage in direct confrontation himself and has to send others to do his dirty work for him.

If you’ll recall some of my past stories, Miner first came to my attention when he drunkenly tried to start a confrontation with Dan Bongino. He then got pulled over for drunk driving on the way home. (Reminder: his trial date is September 5.)

After these incidents Miner abruptly left the David Craig campaign, which continued a pattern for him. I later reported that Murphy egged Miner on to go after Bongino, and may have even been the one getting Miner drunk. This was not the first political event Miner got drunk at and got into a confrontation with someone. Miner’s checkered past is why he ends up leaving campaigns and jobs so frequently.

You will probably recall that in 2005, Miner called gays “subhuman and later apologized after the controversy it caused. In 2010, Don Munson refused to fire Miner as his campaign manager over these comments coming to light, but fired him later for other “inadequacies.” In April of 2011, Miner wrote to a career advice blogger that he was fired “from a great opportunity” as a result of the “subhuman” comments.

In late May of this year, Miner wrote to another blogger and indicated that he was running for state delegate in Hagerstown and asked for advice on how to get in front of these comments. He indicated that he was talking to gay rights and marriage equality groups and said that he wanted to control the narrative before anyone else did. Miner also expressed interest in following the blogger’s advice to address the issue head-on in an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun or the (Hagerstown) Herald-Mail.

As you should remember from a previous post:

In 2007, when he was a student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Miner was charged in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, with two counts of simple assault, one count of stalking, one count of terroristic threats, one count of physical harassment, and one count of verbal harassment. The verbal harassment charge was disposed of in a lower court. Miner pleaded guilty to physical harassment and one count of simple assault in June of 2008 and was sentenced to two years of probation.

When this conviction information came to light, Miner was fired as Don Munson’s campaign manager.

I’ve heard that Miner was also fired at WHAG in Hagerstown where he was an intern. Miner is not even allowed to set foot on the television station’s property anym0re.

Besides his drunkenness, Miner’s treatment of women seems to be a major issue for him. In addition to the Pittsburgh conviction and charges, I have details on his harassment of multiple women. In one case, he sent vile, obscene messages via Facebook to a married party activist to the point she had to block him. There was another case of a young female party activist being harassed by him. Additionally, I’ve also heard about other obsessive behavior related to the unrequited affection Miner had for one particular young lady.

To sum things up, in the last few years,

  • Miner claims he was fired from a “great opportunity” due to his anti-gay remarks.
  • He was fired by WHAG and barred from the property.
  • He was fired by Don Munson after the information on his stalking and harassment charges and conviction came out.
  • He was fired by Dan Bongino’s campaign for multiple reasons, some of them related to harassment.
  • He abruptly left the David Craig campaign after his drunken confrontation and DUI became news.
  • He apparently was let go from the Knowland Group, his full-time employer after the same news.

What’s next? Will Vogt do the smart thing and cut ties with him? Will Don Murphy finally get tired of his antics and cut him loose?

If you held a gun to my head, I would suspect that the Pennsylvania charges and conviction would present the major stumbling block to his future political ambitions, as well as all of the other facts I’ve detailed. He has more of a narrative to try to control than just the one about anti-gay remarks he made in college.

Ryan Miner is seriously damaged goods for any political candidate to hire and for any party to nominate for office. He needs to work on his own issues and get them straightened out before he worries about anything else. Maybe he and his buddy Blair Pettrey can help each other out there. She has shown the wisdom to realize that she probably shouldn’t worry about running for office right now over her own issues, and maybe she can help Miner see the same thing.

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