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The last time I mentioned Ryan Miner (a.k.a. Steve Chapman) was last week when he made his second threat of a lawsuit against me. The first threat was a laughable one made by Ryan Miner himself because of three tweets that included his Twitter handle. The one last week was an unprofessional one made via his defense lawyer who is representing him in his upcoming DUI trial.

Readers may remember what I said about the most recent threat from Ryan Miner:

As a result of all this, I will be travelling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania posthaste to look at Allegheny County court records to find out exactly what Ryan Miner confessed to in open court that resulted in his apparent guilty pleas to charges of Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact (18 § 2709 §§ A1 in PA Code) and Simple Assault (18 § 2701 §§ A3 in PA Code.)

I did indeed travel to Pittsburgh since that was written. The courthouse is a beautiful Victorian-era building and the Allegheny County Criminal Records office is a very well-run office. There’s an interesting story behind why the beautiful entrance hall to the building is up some stairs from the basement level and not at street level.

I have a copy of the entire 43-page case file. For now, I’ll just publish and discuss the Criminal Complaint (what Miner was accused of) as well as documents related to the guilty plea entered by Ryan Miner.

Here’s one page from the Criminal Complaint (a PDF of the whole criminal complaint is at the bottom of this post):



I’ve redacted names and personal information related to the victim and witnesses in this document for their protection as well as home address information of others, including Ryan Miner. Just to make things clearer, I’m now including the text of the above document with comments in brackets to make clear who is being referred to in the redacted portions. Miner’s ex-fiancee will be referred to as [The victim] while the witnesses will be referred to as [Witness A] and [Witness B.]

The text (emphasis added):

[The victim] reported that her ex-fiance, Ryan Richard Miner, has physically assaulted her, threatened her with a gun, harassed her and has been stalking her since she broke off their engagement 5/07. She said she obtained PFAs [Protection from Abuse orders] at F.D. 07-00758, but they have not been served yet.

[The victim] said Miner struck her in the knee with a police baton at her previous address at 103 S. 13th St. which caused severe pain and bruising in early 2007. He slapped her in the face and has called her main place of employment identifying himself as Steve Chapman to [Witness A], who said she recognized his voice 8/1/07, falsely stating that he was a patient who was treated rudely by [the victim] and that she made his stay at Presbyterian Hospital a “horrible experience.” She said he gave [Witness A] his real phone number, 301-991-4420, and is suspected of calling her work asking personal questions about her. [The victim] said Miner was waiting across the street from her place of employment 8/6/07 about 1645 hours when she was leaving for the day. She said she turned in the opposite direction and did not see him again. Her former roommate, [Witness B], saw Miner parked outside [her] residence 8/7/07 about 1800 hours. ([The victim] said Miner is not aware she moved from that address.) She said Miner changed her password on her hotmail account and opened several of her e-mails. He also changed her e-mail address to her facebook account and now some of her friends and relatives have informed her Miner has posted a topless photo of her on the facebook site. (Miner owns the photo.)

[The victim] reported that 6/7/07 about 0300 hours (a week after they broke up) Miner was waiting for her outside her residence and asked if he could have the jewelry gifts he had given her during their relationship. She said he was peaceful, so she allowed him in to get the property. She said they soon started arguing and Miner pulled a Glock handgun, showed her it was loaded, and made a veiled threat to harm himself. Then he grabbed her from behind and held the gun hard against the side of her head and threatened, “If you scream, I’ll shoot.” She said he eventually left and she obtained the PFA’s.

[The victim] said Miner’s hair has changed to partially gray since their breakup. He is a full-time political science student at Duquesne University.

I will obtain an arrest warrant for Miner.

The sworn statement I’ve shown you above was made by Kathleen Amoroso, a police officer in Pittsburgh.

The below image is a question with Miner’s response indicated from the Explanation of Defendant’s Rights for a Guilty Plea:



The worksheet is designed to ensure that a defendant pleading guilty to charges fully understands his rights, isn’t coerced, is mentally competent to make the plea, etc. Additionally, there is a statement by Miner’s defense lawyer stating that he believes Miner understands that he is pleading guilty and everything involved with that. The full worksheet is at the bottom of this post.

As I’ve previously reported, Miner pleaded guilty to  to charges of Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact (18 § 2709 §§ A1) and Simple Assault (18 § 2701 §§ A3.)

Other counts Miner was charged with (but did not plead guilty to) for the events detailed in the affidavit from Officer Amoroso above include:

  • Stalking – Repeatedly Commit Acts To Cause Fear (18 § 2709.1 §§A1)
  • Terroristic Threats W/ Int To Terrorize Another (18 § 2706 §§ A1)
  • Simple Assault (18 § 2701 §§ A1)
  • Harassment – Comm. Lewd, Threatening, Etc. Language (18 § 2709 §§ A4)

The count of Harassment – Comm. Lewd, Threatening, Etc. Language above was disposed of in a lower court. The other three counts above were withdrawn as part of Miner’s plea bargain. He was sentenced to two years of probation on 6/26/2008 by Judge Donna Jo McDaniel and his probation was transferred to Washington County, Maryland.

I first heard of all of these things about Ryan Miner after reports that he drunkenly confronted Dan Bongino outside the Anne Arundel County Lincoln Dinner earlier this year. When I was researching that story, I found that he had been charged with a DUI later that evening on his way home. I also found out about these charges and convictions above at about that same time. At the time, it mattered because of Miner’s position with the campaign of David Craig as a high level “volunteer” with a broad portfolio including , but not limited to, event planning. Bongino was thought to be an opponent of Craig’s at the time and Miner was sniping online about Bongino in addition to confronting him. Miner abruptly left the Craig campaign after I wrote about the confrontation and his DUI charges.  After Bongino opted to run for Congress instead of Governor, Miner appeared to be involved in the campaign of his opponent, David Vogt. Vogt denied it at the time.

I offered Miner a chance to tell his side of the story, but he refused. He did have his defenders, however few they might have been. However, their claims that he was unaffected by the situation were proven wrong when Miner threatened to sue me over tweeting to him on Twitter three times. After that, I confirmed that Miner is indeed involved in David Vogt’s campaign. I am still awaiting a response from Vogt on what exactly Miner’s role and title are. I asked Vogt that question over two weeks ago. I have also sent Vogt a copy of the criminal complaint from Miner’s court records and asked Vogt for an answer to my original question and a comment on the file.

Of course, Ryan Miner will say that he’s just a nobody and I’m picking on him. However, he has thrust himself into the limelight with his political activism, his public acts, and his upcoming political candidacy.

Miner has been talking about running for political office at various levels for a while now. However, he has been making concrete preparations to run for the State House of Delegates from Washington County within the past two months. Additionally, a couple of days before he tried to pick a fight with Dan Bongino and then got charged with driving drunk, Miner was seeking the counsel of another blogger on getting in front of what he thought was his biggest vulnerability for his upcoming bid for delegate.

That vulnerability was the fact that Miner had referred to gay people as “subhumans” when he was a student at Duquesne and was disciplined for it. The story made national headlines, and several years later Miner made apologies online. He indicated in May that he was trying to control the narrative on this issue and that it was something that had to be addressed immediately because of his bid for delegate next year. He expressed a willingness to try to place an op-ed in the Hagerstown newspaper or in the Baltimore Sun to try to get ahead of things.

Of course, his previous apologies about the anti-gay comments kept him from being fired by Don Munson’s campaign in 2010. However, Miner reportedly resigned after information on the charges in Pittsburgh came out.

As I’ve written previously:

  • Miner claims he was fired from a “great opportunity” due to his anti-gay remarks.
  • He was fired by WHAG and barred from the property.
  • He was fired by Don Munson after the information on his stalking and harassment charges and conviction came out.
  • He was fired by Dan Bongino’s campaign for multiple reasons, some of them related to harassment.
  • He abruptly left the David Craig campaign after his drunken confrontation and DUI became news.
  • He apparently was let go from the Knowland Group, his full-time employer after the same news.

I’ve heard yet again that calls to the Knowland Group’s DC office still indicate that Miner does not work there anymore.

I also previously wrote this:

Besides his drunkenness, Miner’s treatment of women seems to be a major issue for him. In addition to the Pittsburgh conviction and charges, I have details on his harassment of multiple women. In one case, he sent vile, obscene messages via Facebook to a married party activist to the point she had to block him. There was another case of a young female party activist being harassed by him. Additionally, I’ve also heard about other obsessive behavior related to the unrequited affection Miner had for one particular young lady.

After seeing the details of the criminal complaint from Pittsburgh, I’m really glad that I protected the identities of these women and specific details of what happened to them. I did hear one Republican woman’s assessment of Miner. She said that he is an “overbearing asshole” who is “very aggressive towards women.”

There is no witch hunt. I don’t have a vendetta against Ryan Miner. This isn’t personal. My only agenda is to help do the job of vetting candidates that Maryland Republicans typically don’t do a very good job of.

Ryan Miner needs to announce that he’s leaving politics and not running for office right now to spend time with his family and friends. A run for office will do him no good and it won’t do the Republican party any good with all of his baggage. His friends that truly care about him will help him see this eventually, or his political career will likely be disastrous. I wish him nothing but the best in his personal life.

Pennsylvania court documents are below.

First, the Criminal Complaint:

Criminal Complaint: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Ryan Miner

Second, Explanation of Defendant’s Rights for a Guilty Plea:

Explanation of Defendant’s Rights for a Guilty Plea

Third, Court Summary:

Court Summary by Jeff Quinton

Fourth, Docket Sheet:

Docket Sheet: Commonwealth of PA v. Ryan Miner

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