Vogt’s campaign sends out a “big time endorsement” on a Saturday morning

Be sure to read an important update on Ryan Miner from April 2014.


Not Ready for Primetime. Amateur Hour. Keystone Cops.

We have just about run out of metaphors to describe the incompetency of the Vogt campaign. I wrote about some of the woes of the David Vogt for Congress campaign last night. Now, I have to write an epilogue today after they doubled down on stupid this morning.

As I wrote last night, the Vogt campaign posted on Twitter Thursday morning that they had a big announcement coming and then later Thursday they tweeted that the announcement was delayed until Friday. Then it never showed up Friday. Instead of doing the smart thing and waiting until Monday, they sent out a release regarding an announcement early on a Saturday morning in mid-August.


You read that correctly. The “big time endorsement” the Vogt campaign has been hyping since Thursday is Richard Douglas. That sound you hear is the laughing from Maryland politicos.

Richard Douglas, whose claim to fame in Maryland politics is that he lost to Vogt’s opponent Dan Bongino in the Senate primary last year, isn’t exactly what anybody competent thinks of as a “big time endorsement.”

Even if Douglas really was a big endorsement in some alternate universe, why would you bury the endorsement on a Saturday morning when the only people paying attention are going to be the activists and political junkies?

In the universe we actually live in, you don’t want to send an endorsement like Douglas out on a Saturday morning, especially after hyping how big it is, because you risk the ridicule you’re now receiving. It’s a no-brainer that as soon as they saw that this announcement release couldn’t go out on Thursday, they should’ve re-scheduled it for Monday.

Of course, this is what happens when you have a college student as a media person. I did media for a congressional campaign  (and my candidate lost in the primary) when I was 20, so I’m not slamming their media guy – it’s more of a statement on the campaign as a whole.

Last night after my post on the Vogt campaign, the tweet below appeared:

Vogt is advocating a campaign without professional campaigners or Washington insiders, is he? Well, he has the consummate Washington insider, Bud Otis, working for his campaign. He has someone who identifies himself as a political strategist, Ryan Miner, working for him. Of course, having some competent campaign professionals working for him would probably prevent the Vogt campaign from becoming the gaffe machine that it has quickly become.

I would also point out that is now 17 days and counting since my first request to Vogt to clarify exactly what role Ryan Miner has in his campaign. I reiterated the request 4 days ago after more details about Miner’s criminal past came to light.

Luckily for Vogt, it’s just August. He can still clean his whole campaign out and bring in competent people if he choses to, but I’m not sure he will be able to raise enough money for that based on how lousy his campaign has been thus far.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. You should not be so quick to dismiss this endorsement. I seem to remember that Douglas was extremely competitive in the western part of the state. He beat Bongino in Garrett and Allegany counties and performed right there with him throughout the rest of the district. Having Douglas behind him and stumping with him may give Vogt that added advantage.

    You seem to spend a lot of time criticizing Vogt’s campaign, but I haven’t seen a word on your blog about Bongino carpet-bagging across the state. Unless you are working for Bongino, I would expect to see more professionalism and fewer personal vendettas and articles that could only be written by someone with a veiled mission.

  2. Having seen Rich Douglas on the stump, he will play well in retirement communities, at nap time. He is like watching paint fade. Douglas’ rabble about Vogt being ‘in country’ and carrying a rifle is lame at best. Vogt worked in the ‘green zone’ ( the most heavily fortified area in country) and worked in a legal office. I know medical officers that carried a rifle, so what. Did Vogt serve? Absolutely. I personally have thanked him.
    Serving does not excuse him from his ‘ not ready for prime time’ faux pas. To wit: Bongino never served his country… While Vogt was still attached to his wet nurse, Bongino was taking fire as a patrol officer for NYPD. While Vogt and the other ‘ladies’ of Paris Island were still figuring out which was their rifle and which was their gun and what they were used for, Mr. Bongino was at 2 different Presidents sides ready to take a bullet for either.
    Vogt has never mentioned that the incumbent and his multi-millions live out of district.
    The drunk stalker staffer that works for Vogt. The turncoat staffer of the former incumbent that tried to set up his own campaign to replace his employer whilst still working for him. The one that Vogt saw fit to do a ‘big announcement’ of Bud Otis joining his campaign, when clearly, if one were to check, you would find that Bud Otis appears as paid staff on last quarters report.
    Mr. Vogt has lived in Maryland barely a year. He has surely overstepped his bounds and proven time and again he is not ready for prime time. The Town Manager position appears to be a revolving door in Brunswick, perhaps that is his best bet. Just ask Rick Weldon.