Living Rent-Free in Ryan Miner’s Head


Above: Ryan Miner and former SEIU lobbyist Don Murphy.

Ryan Miner was vaguebooking last night when he posted the following on Facebook (emphasis added):

Watching HBO’s The Newsroom tonight has taught me that even Will McAcoy [sic] sweats his online media critics.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t read our critics and take what they say personally, and during the darkest of our hours, we learn we cannot control anything anybody says about us, even it’s [sic]  total bullshit.

Critics make us stronger and remind us to be humble. That builds character.

Of course, Will McAvoy never put a Glock to a terrified woman’s head. Maybe Miner should have left his Facebook account deactivated the other day when he took it down.

After that post, Don Murphy replied by comparing Miner to Teddy Roosevelt by misapplying a quote that Murphy posts online all the time – a quote about “the critic” and the the man “in the arena” from TR’s Citizenship in a Republic speech given in Paris in 1910. If you take Murphy’s theory to its logical end, Jack the Ripper had his critics too and he was a man in the arena.

Miner’s ultimate critic might be the criminal justice system, however. Terrorizing women and taking on airs of oppressed nobility when people remind you of your past is not the same thing as being criticized for your viewpoints.

If the criticisms of Miner are “total bullshit” then why was he fired from Don Munson’s campaign in 2010 after the Pittsburgh convictions came to light?

A flashback from 2010:

“I wouldn’t consider it. I had to fire him as my campaign manager because of inadequacies,” Munson said Wednesday during an interview at the county Republican picnic.

Munson was referring to the abrupt end to Miner’s work with his campaign in January. Munson had just learned Miner was convicted of simple assault and harassment in Pittsburgh in 2008 and was placed on two years of probation.

A few days earlier, when news of a comment Miner made in college about homosexuality resurfaced, Munson said he’d stick with Miner.

After Munson learned of the Pittsburgh convictions, Miner and Munson said Miner resigned as campaign manager and wrote a resignation letter.

Actually, Miner was fired, both men said Friday.

“I was trying to be kind to Ryan,” Munson said about his earlier description that Miner had resigned.

Is this excerpt regarding Miner from a post I wrote the other day “total bullshit”?

Remember, it has now been revealed that he took a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to assault and harassment after being charged with hitting his ex-fiancee with a police baton, posting topless pictures of her on the internet, waiting outside her employer and residence, and threatening her with a gun held to her head.

Is it “total bullshit” that Ryan Miner was charged with driving under the influence on the way home after Don Murphy baited him into drunkenly going after Dan Bongino outside a Lincoln Day dinner?

Is any of the following “total bullshit”?

  • Miner claims he was fired from a “great opportunity” due to his anti-gay remarks.
  • He was fired by WHAG and barred from the property.
  • He was fired by Don Munson after the information on his stalking and harassment charges and conviction came out.
  • He was fired by Dan Bongino’s campaign for multiple reasons, some of them related to harassment.
  • He abruptly left the David Craig campaign after his drunken confrontation and DUI became news.
  • He apparently was let go from the Knowland Group, his full-time employer after the same news.

Is it “total bullshit” that Miner has a history of making misogynistic comments to women or otherwise harassing them?

Is it “total bullshit” that Ryan Miner has been talking about running for office for a while now and making concrete preparations for the past couple of months – including solicitation of advice on how to handle the spin on his past comment calling gays “subhumans”?

Miner’s comments just prove how obsessed he is with what I’ve written about him. Other things that have taken place in the past week or so prove that I’m living rent free in the head of both Don Murphy and Ryan Miner.

It started with comment trolls who had to resort to using IP tunneling, proxy servers, and other methods to try to leave non-substantive comments on posts. I have a list of IP addresses preserved and it includes servers in Europe, Russia, India, and elsewhere. A couple of them were VPNs and I’ve made arrangements to notify the network abuse team at those providers in case something untoward was going on there. Additionally, I have some IP addresses in Frederick and Montgomery Counties that were hitting the same address over and over again over several hours, often at the same time comments were being posted from these overseas addresses.

Additionally, I was contacted a couple of weeks ago via Facebook by someone who resides in another state who claimed to have dated Miner and supposedly offering information on him. Of course, she offered no really new information to me and I didn’t really give her anything back as a result. In fact, I developed a trap that she fell right into that proved she was a Miner-related spy.

After my weekend posts on David Vogt’s ties to Ryan Miner and Miner’s comments on Facebook last night, I received a message from a Murphy-Miner beard trying to get information from me, and CC:ed to a bunch of media. In fact, this person asked questions that could’ve been Don Murphy’s talking points recently as he trashed me to people. Murphy has been attempting to impugn my motives because he can’t impugn the credibility of the facts presented.

Miner is so obsessed with me that he even was apparently visiting my site via his iPhone on the wireless network at Sinai Hospital last night (around 7:35 and again around 9:44 for about 15-20 minutes) where he was visiting a relative who is in the hospital for major surgery.

I’m not being paid by any candidate for office or political party for anything. I am not in regular contact with any candidates or members of their staff. I will not be showing up on any FEC or Maryland campaign disclosures as receiving payment from any candidates and there is no alternate means of payment coming to me from any candidates. I am not volunteering for any campaigns either. My only volunteer activities are for 40 Days for Life. My only organizational membership is the National Rifle Association. I am registered as a Republican so I can vote in primaries but I am not a member of nor active in any Republican club or organization.

I think my motives can be summed up by what one prominent Republican woman said in reaction to the details of the charges against Miner:

Wow. So he stalks women, beats them, puts a gun to her head and then asks for jewelry back. All to a woman he supposedly loved. He’s a danger to women everywhere. He needs to be stopped now.

That sums it up nicely. Ryan Miner has said he is running for office. He also has been working for other candidates for office (until they find out the truth about and then he either gets fired or abruptly leaves.) He obviously needs some help and, if nothing else, he needs to step aside from politics. He is a liability as a candidate and as someone working for a candidate (including David Vogt who he works for now.) The Republican Party gets enough bad press about the “War on Women” without having someone like Miner as a literal example to point to.

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Jeff Quinton

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