Audrey Scott emerges as potential candidate for Pipkin’s vacant seat


A lot of people are talking right now that Audrey Scott wants to fill the rest of the term of Senator E.J. Pipkin, who announced his resignation last week. I’d heard her name floated the other day and then nothing else until today when a lot of buzz emerged.

Many have speculated that Del. Michael Smigiel will ultimately fill the seat. Diana Waterman already said she’s not interested. Other potential candidates include: Andrew Langer, Jay Jacobs, Steve Hershey, Richard Sossi, and Steve Arentz. If the central committees of the counties involved are not able to select one person to finish the term, the Governor would get to make the pick.

Langer blogged about a Cecil County situation last December at Red Maryland that mentioned Scott and Hershey:

Nevertheless, Mooney was initially seen as a welcome change from outgoing chair, Audrey Scott—Scott, who has deep ties to the Pipkin camp (including her family’s decades-long relationship with Steve Hershey, whose campaign, again, underhandedly mudsucked a sitting Republican delegate while she was chairing the state party. There were no cries for her head in all of this, you might recall, despite her close relationship to all involved in the Hershey campaign).

Richard Cross blogged about Scott’s baggage as a reason for her loss in the race for Republican National Committeewoman:

Mrs. Scott’s brief stint as MD GOP chairman was not without its controversies. The Rule 11 controversy simmered in many activists’ minds, as did the party’s failure to recruit an Attorney General candidate even though Montgomery County activist Jim Shalleck offered to run. Later, Mrs. Scott’s decision to intervene in the Sixth District congressional primary angered supporters of the incumbent and eventual winner Roscoe Bartlett. In other words, running for National Committeewoman and working to defeat the state’s senior GOP congressman by portraying his reelection prospects as “impossible” proved to be mutually contradictory goals.

Cross also mentioned Scott’s gaffes in that race:

First, she kicked off her campaign by attending a pro-gas tax rally in Annapolis, and misrepresented the event’s real purpose in a message to central committee members when her actions were questioned. Next, she made false claims as to her fundraising results while chairman, and refused to budge when confronted with the actual numbers. Indeed, Mrs. Scott seemed to following the following pattern for much of the campaign: She made statements demonstrably contrary to the facts and, when confronted with the facts, chose to ignore them, instead repeating the false claim with increased volume and fervency. In the end, her own words proved to be her biggest liability.

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