Could Western Maryland secede and form a new state?


Frederick News-Post

A growing number of western Marylanders are saying they want a divorce from their state.

It’s not that they’re after bitter revolution and bloodshed. But they say they’re fed up with Maryland politics and want a fresh start for Garrett, Allegany, Washington, Frederick and Carroll counties.

The talk of secession is happening on a Facebook page that had topped 620 “likes” by Thursday and featured dozens of postings from Maryland’s dissatisfied customers.


The man behind the movement is Scott Strzelczyk, a resident of New Windsor and executive producer of “The Forgotten Men,” a radio program on WFMD. He said he doesn’t consider himself a Republican or a Democrat and is chiefly concerned about protecting liberty in the western counties.

“We simply want to institute a state government that better represents us. The only way to accomplish this is a peaceful and amicable divorce from the State of Maryland,” Strzelczyk wrote in an email.

I am not sure how much steam this will pick up – but I wouldn’t be that optimistic. Of course, the last time there was going to be a secession-related meeting in Frederick, the legislators involved were arrested.

The Facebook page referenced in the article is Western Maryland: A New State Initiative

Jeff Quinton

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