14 candidates vying for the vacant Senate seat in District 36 (list included)


Andrew Langer posted earlier tonight on Facebook that 14 candidates are seeking to fill the vacancy left open by Senator E.J. Pipkin’s resignation.

The list:

  • Steven J. Arentz, Queen Anne’s County
  • R. Scott Bramble, Cecil County
  • Frank W. Frohn, Queen Anne’s County
  • John L. Graham, Queen Anne’s County
  • Stephen S. Hershey, Jr., Queen Anne’s County
  • Andrew Langer, Queen Anne’s County
  • Timothy McCluskey, Queen Anne’s County
  • Audrey E. Scott, Queen Anne’s County
  • Michael D. Smigiel, Sr., Cecil County
  • Richard A. Sossi, Queen Anne’s County
  • Robert A. Thornton, Jr., Caroline County
  • John L. Walter, Queen Anne’s County
  • John J. Walton, Jr., Caroline County
  • Eric S. Wargotz, Queen Anne’s Count

I don’t think it’s going out on much of a limb here to say the central committees of the district will have a hard time coming to a consensus and that Governor O’Malley will get to choose who from this list gets to fill out the rest of the term.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton is a native South Carolinian who moved to the Baltimore area in 2006. He has been aggregating and blogging since 1998. His work experience includes radio news reporting, web design for government agencies at the state and federal level, and working in social media and communications for a DC public policy organization. Quinton is a military veteran of the Army National Guard (where he served as an intelligence analyst)a nd an Eagle Scout.