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Be sure to read an important update on Ryan Miner from April 2014.

This morning, I wrote about a press release sent out yesterday afternoon by the campaign of David Craig and Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio. It was obvious by my subject line and the post itself that the major point I was making that it was odd to me that the Craig campaign would put out a release on Monday that featured Sen. Richard Colburn right after a story on his unusual campaign reimbursements ran over the weekend.

I sent an email yesterday afternoon asking for a comment on the Colburn situation in light of the press release. I got a snarky reply regarding my question from a campaign spokesman late last night with a note that the spokesman would check with the campaign team about a statement. My post was published this morning.

After that I received an email from the same campaign spokesman, that was also CC:ed to several members of the campaign staff and Haddaway-Riccio. That email implied the campaign spokesman was “not that familiar” with my blog and went on to ask for a correction regarding this line because they claim it is “false”:

 I’m not sure what the rush to put it out yesterday was, since a search on Google News and Bing News revealed no pickup on this release by any news outlets as of 9 a.m today. I’m assuming the point of a press release is to till get media coverage and in that regard, the release was a failure.

To clarify, I searched both Google News and Bing News for the term “David Craig” and got no results on the topic of the release or any other news from the past few days. I just re-ran that search and still got no results relevant to the topic. David Craig is at the top of the ticket and who the campaign is ultimately attempting to generate news coverage for.

The campaign spokesman sent two stories in the email as part of the demand for a correction.  These stories were both ultimately caused by a Maryland Department of Agriculture press release that was sent out yesterday on the subject of phosphorus management that the Craig campaign was trying to piggyback on. The first story from the Associated Press is approximately 470 words and two sentences refer to a letter from “Delegate Jeannie Haddaway” without making a single reference to her running for Lt. Governor or to the Craig campaign. The second article in the Daily Record has four paragraphs on the letter from “Del. Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio” with less than a sentence mentioning that she is Craig’s running mate. I’m sure there are some other articles that mention Haddaway, or Haddaway-Riccio, especially other places that picked up the AP one (which didn’t mention the Craig campaign or her running mate status.)  In light of the decision by the Department of Agriculture, I can see the need to put this release out, but was drawing attention to Colburn, in light of the negative publicity he received over the weekend, really the smartest decision?

It would appear the Craig campaign overreacted to one line of my post while still not responding to my main thrust. They are still promising me a statement on my original questions about the Colburn situation in light of the release, but I have yet to receive it. My post is the only place on the internet where I’ve seen the whole press release reproduced. As of 6:40 p.m. tonight it still is not on the campaign website. It wasn’t mentioned on the campaign’s Facebook page nor was it tweeted from the campaign’s Twitter account.

I’ve had numerous interactions via email with the Craig campaign spokesman going back to June 2. Considering the lack of familiarity with my blog, we have had multiple email exchanges about campaign-related news and some general interactions that weren’t about things I was working on. Most recently, I asked for and received a statement from Craig and Haddaway that stopped short of calling for Del. Don Dwyer’s resignation after his most recent DUI arrest.

My first contact with the campaign was to ask about the status of Ryan Miner with the campaign after the first post I wrote about him. In that first post, I mentioned that Miner had been volunteering for the Craig campaign. I received a statement then from the campaign spokesman that Miner had only volunteered to do one lit-drop in Hagerstown and that he had left the campaign after the incident in which he drunkenly accosted Dan Bongino and then got caught driving under the influence on the way home.

However, as I pointed out at the time, that statement wasn’t the whole truth:

This statement is at odds with what I’ve heard from another blogger, who told me that a Craig campaign staff member said that Miner was in charge of organizing their Hagerstown rally as part of their kickoff tour. That sounds like a bit more than one lit-drop to me. Additionally,  Miner was reportedly organizing other Craig campaign events.  Miner was a high level volunteer with a broad portfolio, and left a huge social media footprint on behalf of the campaign.

I had never made a huge deal of the last item before, and I had continued to receive cooperation from the Craig campaign for statements related to other topics I was writing on. I hope that this post has cleared things up about my post yesterday, and that the Craig campaign can continue to work with me in a professional manner in the future.

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