RNC making fundraising calls on 9/11?

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I had just been having a discussion with a friend today about politics on 9/11 in light of a press release I saw today that wasn’t 9/11 related when my phone rang. I didn’t answer it but the Caller ID indicated it was the Republican National Committee with a 202-747-7372 number. This number calls constantly and I never answer it anymore but it has been a fundraising call when I did answer it in the past.


Are we back to retail politics on 9/11? I’m not really sure, but fundraising seems to be the biggest transgression for those attempting it. As I blogged 9/11 last year, Maryland Democratic Delegates Eric Bromwell and Jon Cardin (now a candidate for Attorney General) both held fundraisers on 9/11/12. Cardin claimed it was patriotic to do so.

Today, I’ve seen press releases, tweets and other statements from politicians and elected officials all remembering the events of 9/11. The same goes for social media for everyone, not just politicians.

However, Maryland gubernatorial candidate David Craig did send a press release out today on a state issue not related to 9/11. Maryland Congressional candidate David Vogt also made a Facebook post that started out with a nice remembrance of 9/11 and then quickly went off the rails into his campaign theme that he constantly hammers on social media (that’s reproduced at the bottom of this post) and even included an ask to vote for him. Maryland Right to Life also sent out an email today not related to 9/11 but dedicated to their events and activities.

Is is time for people to get back to politics on 9/11 or should it remain a non-partisan day of remembrance unsullied by fundraising and political posturing?

Vogt’s post:

After spending this morning reflecting on the last twelve years since the horrific attack on the World Trade Center of 9/11/01, I cannot help but ask the question that we all fear greatly in the back of our minds, have we forgotten?

Millions of us as American citizens have spent today and this anniversary day remembering the thousands of lives lost and families damaged because that gutless act of terrorism. But what are we doing every day to remember the sacrifice that those families were forced to make and that millions have made throughout our great nation’s history?

We are daily being failed by representatives in a government that has long since lost focus on serving the people. Instead they act as if we are here to serve them and they make decisions, or fail to make decisions that are damaging our Constitutional freedoms that are “UNALIENABLE!”

Such a failure of leadership is a disgrace to the lives that have been lost defending those very freedoms. Today, tomorrow and every day further, we have an opportunity and a duty to hold these people accountable and we start that by uniting together as citizens, as neighbors and as friends!

“We the People” are going to take back this country! From Maryland’s 6th Congressional District to the entire country! We the people have not forgotten and we will never forget!

It is time to bring our nation back to our front doors for all those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for that Red, White and Blue! Join me in remembering them in our prayers and in a fight for liberty and justice for all! “A vote for Vogt is a Vogt for YOU!” Sincerely and Semper Fidelis, David

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Jeff Quinton

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