Did Charles Lollar send the worst political email ever sent?


I’ve received plenty of bad emails from candidates and groups before and I even commented on the format of the MD GOP emails and some problems I saw there. As I pointed out then, I was responsible for sending various emails at one of my DC jobs and I’ve studied various email issues before. Even if I was somebody with no experience, the email the campaign of Charles Lollar sent out today would have to rank among the worst political emails of all time. (note: my definition of worst relates to technical execution as much as content, but the content itself has issues as well.)

First, there’s the subject line (“FIGHT BACK MARYLAND !!”) which immediately increases the likelihood of the message being auto-detected as spam due to the capitalization.

I also found it interesting that they used an actual person’s email address on the message (trevor@draftcharleslollar.com) instead of a generic one. The fact they are still using the “draft” domain after he’s a declared candidate is puzzling too.

They used Constant Contact and a very basic template, but then, instead of inserting the text of the message, they inserted a JPEG of it:


By sending this email out the way they did none of the links found in it are clickable. They didn’t even try to use the work around of hyperlinking the whole graphic to a landing page. Just to clarify, there are NO HYPERLINKS clickable anywhere in the body message. The text is blurry since it’s just a picture of the email they actually wanted to send.

There are plenty of grammar issues in the message as well. The MD GOP email I was critical of before looks like a Cadillac sitting next to a Yugo when you compare it to the above Lollar email.

I assume their whole list got the message as it appears above. I’m not confident that anyone who would send something that horrible out knows anything about A-B testing or list segmentation.

This shouldn’t be a surprise after the disarray in the Lollar campaign that was previously reported at Red Maryland. I even mentioned before how they made the huge gaffe of renting a bus with Delaware license plates for their kickoff tour.

I’m not sure what their approval process looks like for sending an email out. This email shows, at best, a very flawed process, and at worse, total incompetence. I suspect the correct answer is all of the above.

Before the grumbling beings from the Lollar soreheads online, I really am underwhelmed by the field of candidates for Governor right now. I’m not a supporter of any of the candidates already running or any of the ones who have been mentioned as potential candidates. This is a technical issue that anybody with a lick of common sense could tell you is problematic. The campaign not only looked bad by sending this email out, they potentially cost themselves a lot of money in contributions.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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