Dairy Queen stops making their own fry sauce and blames Obamacare


The picture below is from a Dairy Queen location in Washington state. It indicates that due to the nutritional labeling requirements under Obamacare, they will now be serving pre-packaged bulk-made  fry sauce instead of the sauce they previously made in the restaurant. Additionally, they are discontinuing their Habanero sauce and Buffalo sauce which they also made in the restaurant. The letter also seemingly indicates that customers getting takeout will be charged for the pre-made sauce.

Have you seen a letter like this at your local Dairy Queen or any other restaurants?


Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. This is either a misunderstanding on the part of the management, or a flat out lie. Condiments do not apply under the law.

    ‘‘(vii) NONAPPLICABILITY TO CERTAIN FOOD.—‘‘(I) IN GENERAL.—Subclauses (i) through (vi) do not apply to—‘‘(aa) items that are not listed on a menu or menu board (such as condiments and other items placed on the table or counter for general use)