Ignorance is Bliss for the Charles Lollar campaign


A story from The Gazette on upcoming political events has this section on the MSEA convention (emphasis added):

Oct. 18-19: Candidates for governor are expected to descend on the annual Maryland State Educators Association Convention in Ocean City as they jockey for the union’s endorsement. So far, Craig and Gansler have confirmed they will be at the convention. Brown’s camp hinted at the same, while Lollar’s representative did not know of the convention or what MSEA was.

The fact that someone responsible for speaking to the media from the Lollar campaign didn’t even know about the MSEA (Maryland State Education Association) convention or even know what the MSEA was should be a cause for major concern for anyone still on the fence about whether Lollar’s campaign is competent.

Assuming there was a legitimate reason for someone not knowing who the MSEA was, or if a question got asked about an actual obscure topic, the smart way to handle that might have been to say you didn’t know if he was going and tell the reporter you’d get back to them on it.

Of course, competence is not something the Lollar campaign has demonstrated a lot of recently. Earlier this week, I pointed out at pathetic email sent by the Lollar campaign. In addition to this email, he had the gaffe of using a bus with Delaware plates for his kickoff tour.

The Lollar camp is sticking to their explanation that the bus was donated by a donor who moved to Delaware and they apparently can’t see why anyone might think it’s a bad visual for a candidate for Maryland governor to be riding around in a vehicle from out of state. The disarray of the Lollar campaign has become evident with high profile departures as well.

Additionally, the Lollar campaign has a reputation for cheapness, not frugality, among vendors to the point that I’ve heard the campaign has tried to get out of paying for services already rendered.

At least he belatedly answered all of the questions Brian Griffiths had about him paying himself a salary out of his congressional campaign account and issues related to the New Day PAC previously. Additionally, he had the high-profile endorsement from Blaine Young.

A few months ago, Greg Kline  said that Lollar’s campaign “raises doubts in my mind that Mr. Lollar and his many loyal and hard working supporters really have an adequate understanding of the intricacies of running a statewide electoral campaign.  While Mr. Lollar is an intriguing candidate, I have to report my candid opinion that he does not seem ready to be a serious contender for the Office of Governor of Maryland.”

I would say the above assessment remains valid. Despite the enthusiasm and fervor of his supporters and the fact that Lollar is a dynamic speaker, he has to do something about his campaign structure so that it’s well-run in a professional manner. Otherwise, his credibility is going to continue to slide and his campaign will not be an effective one.

Regardless of what his supporters say about him not having a campaign run by professional consultants and that being a good thing, there are some things that every campaign must do well to be successful. These things could be done well by people who aren’t necessarily the most experienced campaign consultants, but whatever the Lollar campaign is doing now in this regard isn’t working.

Luckily for Lollar, there is still time to turn it around and he isn’t the only candidate for Governor with internal campaign problems.

Of course, what do I know? I’m just a blogger who nobody reads (supposedly), but continually trashes.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Given that Griffiths tried to make me out to be a Lollar rep just the other day, I’d like to know who they spoke too and what the conversation was.

    Of course that won’t come out though, especially if they pulled the Bush Doctrine Trick on a random volunteer.

    Also, why isn’t Ron George in that piece? I like him, he’s my #2 choice.

    Though I’m glad to see someone else is carrying the license tag-torch of the Unserious and Unprofessional Mr. Griffiths, who lied (or was grossly negligent) in his dumpster-diving report on New Day: http://redmaryland.blogspot.com/2013/09/lollars-new-day-pac-delinquent-on.html , which left him in the position of falsely accusing Mr. Lollar of criminality and of attacking Mr. Lollar for, in effect, being deployed as a major in the USMC: http://redmaryland.blogspot.com/2013/09/my-talk-with-charles-lollar.html , ignored literally everything else about the Lollar bus tour to report only on minor, insignificant details: http://redmaryland.blogspot.com/2013/09/bus-blues.html and baselessly claimed that I’m a paid staffer of the campaign in response to my being *less* critical of him than he is of Mr. Lollar.

    I get it though, he’s trying to knock out of the race a charismatic, engaging speaker with executive business and command experience so that when another charismatic, engaging speaker with executive business experience comes in the race, that new candidate displaces Ron George and is only running against David Craig.

    • JWB, you’re committing one of the main mistakes Bill Clinton made as a politician – he would always repeat the charges against him. In this case, you’ve taken it a step farther and given Red Maryland free publicity (via links.) I’m sure they appreciate it.

  2. Then you’ll’ve noted that the “poll workers” (who were really campaign staff for Nancy Jacobs) told different stories to different people.

    Why? Well, because you can bluff the reporter who was there on the law, and you can bluff the police on what happened, but you can’t bluff both groups with the same story.

    As for the rest of it, well, that’s what happens when the case is heard by a friend of Sen. Jacobs and a Public Defender who doesn’t do any work.

    Also, why *are* you case-searching some random poster on your website? You took my comments about Griffiths awfully personally…

    • Not taking anything personally said about others. I always do due diligence on people I am considering writing a story on and that includes case search.

  3. Wow, I merit a story? I guess I’m more relevant than Griffiths gave me credit for.

    But, um, *how* do I merit a story? I mean, aside from going “THIS ASSHOLE HAS A TRESSPASSING RECORD LOOKLOOKLOOK!”, which would result in circular reasoning, I haven’t done anything that merits a story.

    I’ve been reading you for a few weeks now, but um, that doesn’t merit a story either?

    • I didn’t say you merited a story. That still is to be determined. You are claiming you aren’t a paid Lollar staffer? Were you paid for the bus tour? Do you work full-time for DGA? What exactly is your role with the campaign?

      • Ooooooh, I see. You’re going to try to tar the campaign with my insignificant record.

        To borrow a line from Deep Space 9’s episode Duet: “You’ll be disappointed…”

          • Nah, chillax, I’ll give you the data, but since it’s a given that it’ll be negative (why else would you talk to me, instead of anyone important?), I have to give you a hard time. =)

            DGA is not the campaign. Trust me on this, the campaign would be a lot more fun. It’s still a good job though. Working for DGA does make it easier to take time out to help with the campaign, sure, but they don’t generally comp me for that.

            For the week on the bus though, they were nice enough to cover that for me, mostly since I’m broke and doing the best I can with what I have. Missing a week of work puts a downer on the monies, you know? So that was very nice of them.

            As for my role, “I held the honorable position of… filing clerk.” (DS9 reference!) Really I’m just a fool with a camera. This fool, in fact: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkTechObserver

            Not that anyone pays attention to me, I’m not a bigshot blogger like, getting national attention and everything. 🙁

            Instead of stepping on me, (SPLAT) could you give me a plug? That’d be awesome! =D

  4. Also, can you ask Mike Philips how I pissed him off? It’s obvious he’s your source on me. (I thought we were friends, but that’s politics for you)

  5. So TUaU Griffiths as proxy then? He has every reason to hate me (especially since I pointed out that the facts didn’t add up on the New Day thing, and then it turns out they didn’t). He needs his hands clean on this, though, because it would confirm everything I’ve said about him. That’d answer the motivation and intel questions.

    Still, it kinda feels like I’m being watched or something now. 🙁

    I thought Philips and I were friends, but I guess not. 🙁 Even if someone else is snitching on me, I’m still sad about it. 🙁

    Also *why* does RM have a dossier on active commentators? I mean, this is a really stupid move – by making this public, they remove every incentive for me to not comment, but scare anyone who might raise a counter-point with them.

    But whatever, you’ll turn me into the new Ryan Miner, I’m sure. So I’ll be commenting a lot, I suspect. Hey, maybe in the long run we’ll be friends. =D

    • Not sure what kind of conspiracy theories you’re spinning. I do my own research. I am not affiliated with RM. They even canned me from a radio show with them if you will recall.

  6. Haven’t been listening for that long. That’s BS, you write a (mostly, since you’re about to step on me) good blog. What’d they ditch you?

    You didn’t criticize TUaU Griffiths, did you? =P