Is Brian Murphy running for office in 2014?

Brian Murphy posted the following tonight on Facebook:



Murphy ran for Governor in 2010 in the Republican Primary. Does this message mean he’s considering a run for office in 2014? If he doesn’t run for Governor of Maryland again, could he run for Comptroller? Would he be running for a local office or for legislature? Or does this just mean he’s going to become active in politics and support other candidates?

The text of Murphy’s message is below:

Friends, Thanks for your emails and for your support. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Joy and I are well, and we are enjoying life on the Eastern Shore. We welcomed our fifth child into the world this summer, and our business is growing, but we’re concerned about the country we’re leaving for our children and yours. Been out of the political world, but I have thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through Dan Bongino. Dan and I were in the phone tonight and he finally convinced me to come off the sidelines. Stay tuned..


Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. If Brian Murphy decides to run for office, maybe he wont have Bob Ehrlich and the Ehrlich Lackey’s telling him to keep his mouth shut about the fraud taking place in Maryland, such was the case when RINO Ehrlich told Murphy not to bring up or discuss the Paulette Faulkner firing by OMalley for exposing the Social Services fraud that took place. Over 50,000 illegal immigrants were pushed through the system to get social services via bogus social security numbers. When Paulette went to her boss, her boss told her to do it anyways. She went to the Governor under the Whistle Blower act and was then fired the next day. No one dares discuss this law breaking by the Governor and nor did Murphy as he was told to shut up. Can we trust someone who is afraid to open his mouth due to pressure? You be the judge. Maybe Joe Steffen can come out the woodwork’s and stop hiding behind goofy posts and out these idiots.