Lollar “volunteer” has checkered past


Meet Jason Boisvert (he’s the one in handcuffs.)

Boisvert is a “volunteer” for the gubernatorial campaign of Charles Lollar.

Essex-Middle River Patch reported last year on Boisvert’s arrest for activities at a polling place on April 3, 2012:

A man claiming to be a reporter was arrested outside after election workers and campaigners outside the polling place said he was harassing them.

Police arrested the man, whose business card identified him as Jason Boisvert, around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday after he refused to stop following various campaign workers with his video camera.

Election workers inside the school told Patch that Boisvert, who posts political videos on his YouTube site, DarkTechObserver, was warned several hours earier not to shoot video inside the polls, which is not allowed under state law. However, workers say he allegedly continued to try and shoot video inside the polling site from just outside the school.

Boisvert then returned to the school around 6 p.m. and began following voters and campaign workers around with his camera. Police were called back to the school and he was arrested.

According to court records, Boisvert went to jail on 4/4/2012 and was released on bond on 4/8. The charges filed against him included:

  • § 3-203: Assault in the Second Degree
  • § 10-201 (c)(2): Disorderly Conduct
  • § 6-403: Wanton trespass on private property
  • § 10-201 (c)(3): A person may not willfully fail to obey a reasonable and lawful order that a law enforcement officer makes to prevent a disturbance to the public peace.
  • Interfering with an election official

According to online court records, all of the charges were nolle prossed except the Second Degree Assault charge, The records indicate that Boisvert pleaded not guilty to that charge and was found guilty of it on 6/13/12. He was sentenced to five years in prison, which was suspended to four years of probation. The same records indicate he was committed to jail again on 6/13/12.

On 6/14/12, Boisvert’s public defender filed a petition for habeas corpus for bail review. In a hearing on 6/19, that petition was granted and his bond was reduced to $25,000 and he was remanded to the Baltimore County Bureau of Corrections.

On 8/7/12, an appeal was filed on Boisvert’s behalf. A trial was held on 11/16/2012 and records indicate that he pleaded guilty to trespassing and was sentenced to time served.

There was another court appearance for Boisvert in 2012 that may or may not have been related to the above events. On 5/25/12, someone filed a peace order against Boisvert. In a hearing on 6/1/12 (just a couple of weeks before his trial on the other charges), the final peace order was issued against Boisvert. It was valid through 11/30/12.

Let’s tie this into the gubernatorial campaign of Charles Lollar now.

Boisvert is a “volunteer” for the Lollar campaign who just happens to have a full-time job with the company (DGA) headed up by Lollar’s campaign manager, Karen Winterling.

When Boisvert popped in to the comments to a previous post I wrote about Lollar , I had a dialogue in the comments with him. When I asked about DGA and his campaign activity (specifically including his participation in the campaign bus tour) I got a response from him that included this is:

Working for DGA does make it easier to take time out to help with the campaign, sure, but they don’t generally comp me for that.

For the week on the bus though, they were nice enough to cover that for me, mostly since I’m broke and doing the best I can with what I have. Missing a week of work puts a downer on the monies, you know? So that was very nice of them.

The rest of the comments from Boisvert generally consisted of his conspiracy theories against Mike Phillips and Brian Griffiths while quoting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and telling me to “chillax.”

He did also make a couple of comments about his arrest and conviction.

His first comment:

‘Specially when they’re campaigning at the entrance to the polling place, not letting people in until they talked to them.

But once you’re willing to lie to the police, lying to the Patch isn’t a big deal. =\

His second comment:

Then you’ll’ve noted that the “poll workers” (who were really campaign staff for Nancy Jacobs) told different stories to different people.

Why? Well, because you can bluff the reporter who was there on the law, and you can bluff the police on what happened, but you can’t bluff both groups with the same story.

As for the rest of it, well, that’s what happens when the case is heard by a friend of Sen. Jacobs and a Public Defender who doesn’t do any work.

These conspiracy theories fit in with the rest of his comment trolling on websites in recent weeks and I’m sure he’ll be commenting here again shortly in a similar fashion.

I also have to question what exactly the campaign finance laws say about a business paying for a “volunteer” to go work on a political campaign’s bus tour. It has to be awfully convenient to have a “volunteer” working full-time at your business when you’re running someone’s campaign. Exactly how much campaign work is he really doing when being paid by DGA and is it being reported properly as as an in-kind contribution?

Additionally, if Boisvert is someone you would hire at your business and entrust with the responsibility of working on the bus tour, how does that reflect on the campaign in light of his jail time last year related to his actions at the polls on primary election day?

All of the above facts raise even more questions about the Lollar campaign (especially as they relate to campaign finance.) Stay tuned.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Welp, I got stepped on. 🙁

    Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, the report by the Patch doesn’t match with the police report. Only reasons I went to jail in the first place were because my original public defender blew my case off (telling me on my trial date that he hadn’t actually, you know, prepared my defense), and because my case was heard by Nancy Jacobs’ friend, Norman Stone. He actually said he was a “close personal friend”, but my public defender was cool with my case being heard by him. (I guess my PD had pressing appointments)

    At the appeal, the state dropped the baseless assault charge (I guess they know which PDs they can write off) and said, in essence, “Plead guilty to trespass or go back to jail for another couple months”.

    Which is sufficiently discrediting that no one will look at the evidence I’ve acquired on the subject, which means it was all a waste. =\

    Ah the life of a nobody. 🙁

    As for “trolling on websites”, all I did was point out that The Unprofessional and Unserious Mr. Brian Griffiths got his facts wrong when he accused Charles Lollar of pretty serious things. When it turned out that I was right, from just looking at the facts TUaU Mr. Griffiths posted, I guess people got pretty angry.

    But then, my (outmaneuvered) pursuit of the truth is what landed me in hot water in the first place. Though I’d say you need more than 1 check to have a “checkered” past.

    Also, how *did* you get my name? I just gave you my initials.

    • What was the charge about not following a lawful order from a police officer about?

      Also, you didn’t address the peace order in May of 2012. What was that situation? That would be more than one “check” using your theory.

      • Nah, it’s all the same thing.

        But again, there’s a reason everything but the trespass was dropped. (I still contend that even the trespass was baseless, but it was “plead guilty or go back to jail.)

        • What about the charge of not following a lawful order from police? How does that jibe with your claim that everything was made up by the poll workers and Jacobs people?

  2. Oh, before I forget, “chillax” is a portmanteau of “chill” and “relax”. I like it as a word. Thought it was more common.

  3. Well, it seems to me that you’ve got a live-ego here, Mr. Quinton. You can tell by the way he asks how you got his name. Why is he so curious about THAT, I wonder? I can only imagine he’s never done any research, as such things as names are easy to get if you have initials as a start. Also, Mr. JWB should probably walk away (or be cut off from) the Lollar campaign. I say this as I would say to anyone who suddenly finds himself at or near the center of some morass of a negative campaign attraction – which is precisely where he is. He should leave now and help his favored candidate avoid any further negative media at his (JWB’s) hand. That’s what ANY campaign volunteer/activist would/should do upon finding himself in his current predicament.

    • Well, if you are curious, Joe, I will tell you – I am curious as to how he got my name because *I* didn’t give it to him. I mean, it’s a hell of a guess, and three letters is not sufficient information to build on. He’s implied that he doesn’t talk to the Red Maryland crew either (after all, he got fired), so my question is where?

      As for leaving the campaign, I’ve considered it. On the one hand, if it actually becomes a serious issue, then you’re correct. On the other, if it’s one man’s personal crusade, well, that’s something different entirely.

      And another important factor is whether or not I’m willing to be bullied, and whether every single person who’s ever been in a similar situation needs to stay away from everything forever. That *is* a way to look at things. It’s also why the GOP has a bunch of old, boring men as leaders – because, for some people, even a trespass conviction means you can’t even be *associated* with a campaign.

      Is that really a position the GOP can afford to take in a state where they are this badly outnumbered?

      Let me put a hypothetical to you: if you could turn Maryland Republican with the help of people with my (barely) blotched background, would you refuse the win for a “purified” loss?

      How are you going to reach out to poor communities, where nearly all families know someone with a criminal history, if your response to someone like me is “GTFO and STFU”?

      I mean, sure, you can build a party of Perfect People, but it’s going to be a very small one…

      • I read comments on other blogs where you leave your full name. Especially ones where you accuse me of saying something I didn’t say (and later corrected yourself.) The writing style is similar enough that your initials gave you away.

        • So Red Maryland. Ok, thanks. All I needed. 🙂

          Btw, it wasn’t meant as an accusation. I actually liked the analysis and simply mis-attributed to you. (’cause I was reading your blog more) Entirely an accident and I apologize for both the error and any appearance that I was attempting to accuse you of anything/insult you/otherwise degrade, that wasn’t my intention.

          • Yep, that was where I read you posting with your full name. Your syntax both places made it easy enough that anybody with a 6th grade education could figure out JWB was you.

          • And you still haven’t answered with why you were charged with refusing a lawful order from police? Why? Because that punctures your conspiracy theory that every charge was trumped up by others lying to police?

  4. Ah, that was the question. I misunderstood the officer’s instructions – I misinterpreted a choice with mutually exclusive options with one where I could do both. Genuine error on my part. (Incidentally that’s also the basis of the disorderly conduct charge.)

    Trust me when I say I deeply regret the error.

    But I’m reading a lot of aggressive hostility from you. Why?