New Report: Susan Smith’s prison girlfriend (and a personal note)



WSPA links to this Nancy Grace video on Susan Smith, who murdered her children in 1994 in South Carolina:

From the video’s about page:

Reports say infamous mommy killer Susan Smith is enjoying her time behind bars by allegedly indulging in sex romps with her prison girlfriend in cells, closets and even the cafeteria freezer.

Of course this is nothing new for Smith. In 2001, a prison guard at a prison in Columbia, South Carolina pleaded guilty to having sex with Smith. She also had sex with another prison guard there. She was transferred to a prison near Greenwood, SC after that. In 2003, The Smoking Gun reported that she placed an online ad seeing pen pals.

In 2012, The National Enquirer interviewed someone who had been a prisoner with Smith. It was reported that she had become a “cutter” using razor blades to cut her wrists. In fact, the fellow prisoner reported that Smith almost killed herself one time cutting herself constantly after being punished for having contraband prescription drugs.

Also from the Enquirer report:

In yet another bizarre twist, Smith is having a torrid lesbian affair even as she plans to marry a wealthy male suitor if she’s paroled.

“Her lover is a big woman who looks like a man and is serving life for armed bank robbery,” said Stephanie, who served nearly four years for bur­glary and receiving stolen goods.

“As for the man in her life, she met him through a personal ad she placed on a website. I’ve seen him visiting her. He’s in his 40s and has red hair.

“Over the years, he’s sent her thou­sands of dollars, and he paid a $1,500 bill for her hospital stay after the cut­ting incident.

“Susan told us, ‘If I ever get parole, I’m going to marry the guy.’”

The vicious felon, who never talks about her dead boys, will be eligible for parole in 2024 after serving 30 years.

Meanwhile, the once shapely killer now weighs a hefty 180 pounds, said Stephanie, adding: “But she’s still got very pretty legs, and she’s proud of them.”

I’ll add a personal note now on this whole story that I’ve never written about before. Smith’s stepfather (Bev Russell) was a friend I met via SC GOP politics when I was in high school. His father and my grandfather were at least friendly (they may have even known each other professionally.) He stayed down the hall from us at Mills House during the SRLC in Charleston in 1992. After I graduated high school and came to DC we stayed in touch and he was trying to help me get a Hill internship in the office of Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. Goodlatte’s chief of staff, Tim Phillips, was from South Carolina originally and knew Bev. Phillips is now the head of Americans for Prosperity (AFP.)

I haven’t talked to Bev since before any of this went down – probably sometime in 1994. I did attend the Christian Coalition’s Road to Victory Conference at the Washington Hilton in 1993 while I was still at Georgetown. Bev was there and we went to dinner at Old Ebbitt Grill once if I remember correctly. While there, I met the first candidate I ever worked for (who later went on to lose in the 1994 GOP Primary to Lindsey Graham in SC-03.) I went to the South Carolina delegation’s hotel at what was then a Sofitel across Connecticut Avenue from the Hilton.

A friend of mine I served in the Army National Guard with later was from Union and had gone to high school with Smith from what I recall as well. Additionally, when Good Morning America came to interview David Smith in the aftermath, they had the interview in my hometown, where his lawyer was located. My dad helped out ABC’s crew with logistics in his job as a police officer. I had the GMA t-shirt and cap they gave him for a few years after that.

One last anecdote from me involves the night that the news broke that Smith admitted she had made up the stories about her children being abducted and had killed them herself. I was working as a volunteer at a phone bank in Greenwood for Lindsey Graham’s campaign. As the news broke, we found out about it instantly on our phone calls as people were in shock and upset and wanted to talk to soembody about it. We had to shut down the phone bank right away because of that.

I think this recent news is a good reminder to pray for everyone who was involved in this tragedy almost 20 years ago.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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