Cuccinelli campaign sends out 1,100 word email, expects people to read the whole thing


I got an email today from the Ken Cuccinelli campaign, that was signed by his wife, Teiro Cuccinelli. The email was 1,099 words (including the line with my name on it.) A friend of mine pointed out that the message has 3 separate calls to action and the NationBuilder account setup didn’t whitelist the name of the person who actually sent it (Christy Lewis.)

This comes on the heels of the Cuccinelli campaign not allowing people to videotape his speech at a conservative event last night.

This email isn’t quite as bad as the one the Charles Lollar campaign recently sent was for the technical aspects. However, the Cuccinelli email won’t get read by most of the people who received it due to the extreme length.

Is this a symptom of the dire straits the Cuccinelli campaign finds itself in, or is this yet another gaffe leading to what looks like a very difficult chance of winning?

I’ve included the text of the whole email below:

Jeff —

Have you ever wished you could look into the future?

One afternoon fourteen years ago, I suggested to Ken that he run for the Virginia State Senate. I never imagined he would one day run for Governor.

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done differently fourteen years ago had I known the path that Ken and I would walk together. It has not been an easy walk, by any means.

And yet, I also never imagined that our walk through the political world would strengthen our marriage and family. But it has.

I never knew I would meet so many wonderful people across Virginia. But I have.

I certainly never dreamed I would one day be able to stand in front of large groups of people and give speeches about my life and my husband. But I have…many times.

Over the last fourteen years, God has blessed us abundantly.

Although sometimes I wish I could have looked into the future on that life-changing day in 1999, I can honestly say that I finally see the wisdom of God in not allowing us to know the future. If I had known the tremendous challenges Ken and I would face together along this road, I probably would have kept my mouth shut on that day! But then I would have missed out on countless blessings!

As I write this, I’m looking at the sticker chart on my kitchen wall. My sons, Jack and Max, put a new sticker on it every day.  The title at the top of the chart is “100 Days Left Until Dad’s Election.”  There are 27 empty squares still awaiting stickers.

Once again, I wish I could look into the future. I wish I could know the results of this election!  It would certainly take the edge off. I might be a little more patient. I could make plans for November and December…and next year.

There is a lot at stake in this election.

I’ve talked to many good people as I’ve travelled around the Commonweath these last few months. The one constant theme is that people are very concerned with the direction of our nation.

People understand the importance of electing statewide leaders who recognize the importance of holding back the overreaching tentacles of the liberal policies of the Obama Administration. Folks also understand the importance of reigning in spending and regulation during an economic recession. They are concerned about preserving their privacy and freedom.

Many people I talk to are unemployed…or under-employed. Some are in danger of losing their homes. Small business owners tell me they are drowning in overregulation and concerned about the financial burdens of Obamacare requirements.

We live in a nation in which our inalienable rights to life and liberty face real threats. Our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, second amendments rights, parental rights, and property rights are all slowly being strangled by our federal government.

My oldest daughter, Alie, left a few weeks ago to begin her second year of college. She told me recently she might want to home school her own children one day. I wonder if Alie will even be allowed to home school her children if she desires to do so.  President Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, recently argued in federal court that parents do not have a fundamental right to home school their own children.

A priest friend of mine recently told me that he is concerned that there might come a day soon when he and his fellow clergy might face imprisonment for teaching the Christian morals from the pulpit.

Several mothers have expressed their concerns to me about how the nationwide implementation of the Obama Administration’s Common Core Curriculum is going to affect Virginia students and standardized testing, including the SAT test.

These are similar to the many concerns I hear from people I talk to around the Commonwealth.

What will the future look like for our children?

I do not know the answer.

What I do know is that we cannot promise our children a future of prosperity – a future of liberty – if we do not fight for it.

This is why I encouraged Ken to run for governor.

Ken has the experience, the knowledge, the understanding of founding principles and the work ethic needed to lead our Commonwealth.

Ken, more than anyone I know, understands the importance of state governments holding back the onslaught of Federal overreach.

Over the last three and a half years serving as the Attorney General of Virginia, Ken as been the head lawyer for all state agencies across Virginia. He knows what is working well in our state government and he knows what needs fixing.

I know Ken is the BEST man for the job at this time in Virginia’s history. 

I don’t know if Ken will win in November. The future is not ours to know.

do know that I will do everything I can to help Ken win.

I want Ken to win because I know he will make an excellent Governor of Virginia!

Virginia needs his leadership at such a crucial time in our nation’s history.

I want him to win for the sake of Virginia. 

That is why I am working so hard right now.

I know so many of you are working hard as well.

Ken is just one man. You multiply his efforts by reaching out to your friends, family members and neighbors about the importance of this election.

For those of you who are already helping, thank you!

If you have not yet helped, I am asking you today to please join us.

If we sit this one out, then we concede victory to those who would open the door to the liberal policies we have worked so hard to hold back in Virginia.

Please join us.

As I write this, we have 27 days left to win this fight.  We cannot do this without you.

May God continue to bless our nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Teiro Cuccinelli

P.S.  If you haven’t done so recently, please visit the campaign website. It includes Ken’s accomplishments as Attorney General and his policy initiatives he plans to implement if he is elected.

Most importantly, the website has a section entitled The Truth about Ken” (at the bottom left on the homepage).  This section addresses every lie the McAliffe campaign has put out there about Ken, and then lays out the TRUTH. The TRUTH is so important. 

Please help us reach out to people with the truth.  See all the facts laid out at

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. If you want the conversion rate for click on your calls to action to be at the level it should, it is. Still, 1100 words of text are still better than an embedded gif instead of text in some aspects.

    • Campaign emails are the email equivalents of campaign robocalls, i.e. a nuisance to most people. Making them as painless as possible makes them more tolerable and if you do it right will get them to not only open your email but click through your calls to action and donate money.

  2. Both reasonable points. My objection is that the letter is pablum. If you are going to write 1100 words, make it something worthwhile. Cuccenilli is supposed to be strong on policy and wonkish stuff.

    So we both have objections that aren’t really about the length – mine is that the length is wasted, and yours is that it’s getting in it’s own way. Those’re both more substantial than tl;dr.

    • TLDR is a good reason on its own for what it is. It isn’t a policy paper. It’s in his wife’s name. It’s a campaign email that’s ultimate goal is to drive conversions on the calls to action in the message. If people don’t even get down to where the links in the calls to action are, it’s wasted. Then they sent another fundraising email 2 hours later. Sending campaign emails is mainly science with a little bit of art thrown in.

      If it was pablum and 1/4 or 1/2 the length it would still be better than good content at 1100 words with the calls to action buried.

  3. I suppose for the purpose in question you’re right. I just dislike the constant move to saying almost nothing because everyone is presumed to have a short attention span (or to be an idiot).