Former MD GOP director David Ferguson managing gubernatorial campaign in GA


David Ferguson, former executive director of the Maryland Republican Party, sent an email out today announcing his new job:

Hey folks,

I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead and I wanted to make sure you saw the press release from this morning. David Pennington, the Mayor of Dalton, GA announced that he has hired me to be his campaign manager against incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal. We have already raised a significant amount of money and with Governor Deal’s recent trouble, we are building a grassroots army across the state. Mayor Pennington’s campaign and I have been working together for a while and it is great to finally be settled and on the ground.

It is nice to be in the land of sweet tea, but I have really enjoyed working with many of you in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and elsewhere and bracketing Governor O’Malley as he launches his Presidential bid. We will more than likely cross paths again in the coming years.

After being the Maryland Republican Party Executive Director for two years, it is definitely an interesting perspective to be in a different seat at some of the local tea party and county GOP events, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If we listen to our detractors, Dr. Robert Bentley of Alabama wouldn’t be Governor Robert Bentley, today.

As always, please feel free to let me know if you need anything. My cell phone is [redacted.]

Thank you.


More on David Pennington can be found here.

From a newspaper report on Pennington’s campaign:

As mayor of Dalton, Ga., David Pennington made his mark as a proponent of lower taxes.

He championed the reduction of the county’s sales tax, which temporarily dropped to 5 percent in 2012 — while surrounding counties were at 7 percent.

Pennington hit the road and traveled around Georgia to campaign against the T-SPLOST, a July 2012 ballot initiative to fund transportation that failed in nine of 12 districts in the state.

Now, Pennington is going to take his anti-tax message statewide, when he champions an end to Georgia’s income tax as part of a campaign to unseat Nathan Deal in the Republican primary for the 2014 governor’s race.

“The state income tax is the most onerous tax for small business, because we have to pay it on our personal income tax returns,” Pennington told the Dalton Daily Citizen. “Small businesses produce 65 percent of the net new jobs in America and right now we aren’t producing enough new jobs in Georgia to even handle the population growth.”

The press release is below:

Ferguson to Manage Pennington Campaign
Former Manager to Alabama Governor Goes to Georgia

ATLANTA, GA – Republican Mayor of Dalton David Pennington announced today that David Ferguson, a successful, well-known Republican political operative, will serve as Campaign Manager on his forthcoming campaign for Governor. Earlier this year, Pennington filed the paperwork to begin raising money for a campaign.

A native Southerner, Ferguson recently left a position as the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party, which he held for almost two years, and has relocated to work in Georgia.

In 2010, Ferguson served as the Primary campaign manager for the now-Governor of Alabama, Dr. Robert Bentley.  He also managed the campaigns of the youngest members of both the Alabama and Virginia legislatures.  He is a native of Albertville, AL and a graduate of The University of Alabama’s College of Commerce and Business Administration.


Pennington expressed enthusiasm with the addition of Ferguson to the campaign by saying, “We are excited to have David Ferguson serving as the campaign manager.  His experience in working with candidates across the Southeast and his success managing Governor Robert Bentley’s election are indications that he has the skill set to help us spread our message of ethical reform, economic growth, and more efficient government.”


Joining the campaign Ferguson said, “This campaign is going to be a tough fight, and we will have to earn every vote.  David Pennington is the right man with the best ideas to help bring Georgia’s economy back from the brink of disaster.  It is unacceptable that Georgians have the most corruption of any government in America and the highest unemployment of any state in the Southeast. Like the voters who have already joined our team, we hope to see a change in the Governor’s office in 2014.”

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley had this to say about Ferguson and his work in the Primary race, “David was an extremely hard worker, putting in long hours… His strengths were his work ethic and his ability to create detailed policy documents that helped develop our overall policy plan agenda. These ideas were used throughout the campaign… David helped create our 46 page plan for ‘Putting Alabamians Back to Work.’  Many of these ideas are being implemented in our current governing plan.”

The following media outlets had this to say about the 2010 success of Dr. Robert Bentley:


  • The New York Times reported, “A relatively unknown Alabama state representative won the Republican nomination for governor on Tuesday, easily defeating a well-financed, establishment-supported opponent in a runoff election… he was a virtual unknown before his second-place finish in the crowded primary on June 1. In that election, he defeated two more prominent opponents: a former Governor’s son and a former State Supreme Court chief justice who is nationally known for trying to put a statue of the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.”
  • USA Today called Dr. Bentley, a “little-known candidate in a crowded primary field of better-known Republicans.”
  • MSNBC called it “improbable.”
  • Fox News called Bentley an “outsider.”
  • The Washington Post called it a “come from behind victory.”
  • The Tuscaloosa News called Bentley, “a physician who had been counted out by most political observers.”
  • In an article entitled “Electorate flexes its muscles,” The Birmingham Business Journal said, “On the Republican side, the big surprise was the strong showing of Dr. Robert Bentley, a not-so-well-known state representative from Tuscaloosa without the campaign war chests of chief rivals Bradley Byrne and Tim James. At press time, Bentley appeared headed for a runoff with Byrne… Bentley’s push for ethics reforms… struck a chord with many voters.”

Ferguson joins consultant Michael Mulé who has been working with Pennington since his initial paperwork filing. Mulé has worked across the country for conservative Republican candidates and elected officials, including as a consultant to South Carolina’s Speaker of the House.


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