Pat McDonough’s Pattern of Campaign Finance Violations


Delegate Pat McDonough has been dropping hints at running for Baltimore County Executive recently. Of course, the one thing that he may be more well-known for than his bad rug or crashing paid political events without paying is dropping hints at running for every office under the sun and then never actually following through. As Benstorming points out, McDonough would forgo running for delegate again in 2014 if he ran for any other office.

Based on his track record since 2006, McDonough is likely to continue to be fined for campaign finance violations no matter what he runs for in 2014.

Since January 2006, McDonough has violated campaign finance laws a total of 17 times, with the most recent being in January of 2013. He has been fined a total of $2,860 for all of the violations and still owes $250 for the most recent violation.

Every single violation is a Failure to File violation with a late filing date to a few days in some cases and a few months in others. The most recent violation was not filing by the 1/16/2013 deadline. McDonough’s campaign finance report was filed on 4/1/2013. That is the only violation with an outstanding balance on it.

Screen captures of the violations from the Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System are below. I will be looking further into McDonough’s campaign finance records as well as those of other candidates for office and elected officials in the future.


Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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