Report: 4th primary opponent to Lindsey Graham may announce soon



Javan Browder writes about the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina in 2014. He notes that Lee Bright is seemingly leading the challengers to Lindsey Graham (ahead of Richard Cash and Nancy Mace.)

Browder also notes that another candidate, Bill Connor, may soon be getting into the race.

Browder writes:

Bill Connor, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve (Airborne Ranger) and decorated combat veteran has said that he is “seriously considering” a run against Graham.


Connor became known across the state in 2010 after returning home from a tour in Afghanistan which he volunteered for.  Connor ran for SC Lt. Governor and got into the runoff against the establishment candidate Ken Ard, who later resigned in shame after taking office and receiving probation for misuse of campaign funds.


As any candidate, Connor would have his own challenges to overcome.  Connor is not well liked among some in the GOP establishment because of his staunch conservatism and efforts to reform the party back to its platform. But Connor is well liked and respected among the grassroots across the state, and being the only candidate to have previously run a statewide race could give him the edge with name recognition and organization if he enters the race.  Connor also garners a lot of support from the Christian conservative and pro-life portions of the GOP electorate, likely giving him the widest overall GOP voter appeal of any of the Graham challengers.


Two things in this race are certain:  1. Non-Graham sentiment continues to build.  2. Under any circumstances Graham will not be easy to defeat.


With three and potentially four opposition candidates, causing a four or five way primary race, a runoff is almost a given.  The key for defeating Graham will be to get the right candidate with the best chance of beating Graham into the runoff, and getting them into it with enough momentum to then take Graham down in what will surely be treated as a political fight to the death between the two.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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