Doug Gansler’s running mate supported taxpayer-funded abortion


I told you yesterday about The Washington Post reporting on Doug Gansler’s plans to name Jolene Ivey as running mate. I found it interesting in all the hoopla in the media recently about Gansler trying to run to the right of his opponents in the primary that his planned running mate pick supported banning all handguns and only allowing citizens to own single-shot rifles and shotguns.

Gansler made the following tweet today teasing Monday’s announcement:

The link in his tweet takes you to an email signup form that says:

WHO WILL BE DOUG’S LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR? Sign up to be the first to know who will be Doug’s running mate.

If you believe that, I’d like to sell you the Tydings Bridge. This is nothing but an email list building exercise for the Gansler campaign with the news already being out there via WaPo and my blogging. I called Gansler on this in my own tweet:

To seriously think that people on Twitter who would be interested in that subject haven’t already heard about the previous reports would be funny – if anyone actually seriously thought that. It reminds me of that Mitt Romney app disaster for rolling out his running mate. (Remember, I nailed that pick a couple of days before the announcement.)’

Now, back to Jolene Ivey. In addition to Ivey’s extremism on guns, she espoused extremist views on abortion in that same 2006 Gazette interview (it’s still live at her site for now and on the Gazette site.)

From that interview:

What is your position on abortion?
Access should be easy and subsidized for those who need and want one. Adoption and support networks should be established for pregnant women and girls who prefer to place their children for adoption or keep them

Based on this, Ivey thinks that all of the Catholics in Maryland, along with all the other pro-life citizens, should have their tax money taken to pay for what they think is murder of innocent life. She did mention adoption as well, but we know how those who support abortion really feel about adoption.

Of course, Ivey could have changed her mind on both abortion and banning guns. She did change her views on gambling from opposition to slots when Bob Ehrlich was Governor. Since, then she has pushed for a casino in Prince Georges County.

The PDF of the interview from 2006 is below:

Gazette's Voting Guide by Jeff Quinton


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  1. Jolene Ivey didn’t get elected till after Bob Ehrlich was kicked to the curb so to say that she switched her vote on slots is pretty far off base.

    In addition, MARYLAND FUNDS ABORTIONS IN YHE BUDGET. Every politician that voted for the budget supports taxpayer funding for abortion and last I checked, they all got reflected pretty easy so I think you’ll need a new tactic to get him to lose. How about this, Anthony Brown voted for taxpayer funded abortions. *gasp* you’ll probably find it on a flyer from the Brown campaign soon bragging about it.

    • I didn’t say she changed her “vote” I said she changed her position. And even if everyone votes for it in the budget, it’s still abhorrent. But that is besides the point, she wasn’t in office when this interview was given, like you said. So these are her true views whether it’s in the budget or not.