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Be sure to read an important update on Ryan Miner from April 2014.

Ryan Miner is running for office now.

Last night, I was doing some research in MDCRIS on some finances for some statewide candidates. I was looking at some files for some members of the House of Delegates when I decided to search on Ryan Miner’s name in the database, since he’s been talking about running for office for a while now, and I’ve heard rumblings of him moving forward on a bid for office in recent weeks.

When I did the search, I got this result with no actual documents available when you click on search:


I had seen this kind of thing before, when Blair Pettrey had filed paperwork and the documents took a few days to show up. So, I decided to look again this morning and I found a Statement of Organization for Citizens for Ryan Miner dated June 27.

Here’s that document:

Miner Statement of Org by Jeff Quinton

The address for Miner on this form is in District 2C. Delegate John Donoghue (a Democrat) represents that district now, and I had heard for awhile that Miner planned on running against him. Note that this paperwork was filed by Miner on June 27.

This raises questions about Miner’s residency. A month earlier, Miner was stopped for DUI in Carroll County in the early hours of May 30 after drunkenly accosting Dan Bongino at an event in Anne Arundel County. The address on that DUI charge is the same one that had been on many of his previous criminal charges.

Miner’s DUI has gone through the process and been adjudicated earlier this month. He got probation before judgement and a fine as his sentence. The address listed on the trial results is still the original one. The address on his campaign document was never noted as a new address on any of his charges stemming from the DUI. I have observed multiple other situations where an address changed after initial charges were filed and the new address was notated in case search.

The address on the criminal charges is in District 2A, now occupied by Delegate Andrew Serafini, a Republican. That property belongs to Miner’s mother, according to state property tax records.

Did Miner just neglect to go to the MVA and change his address to the new one or is he district-shopping?

The new address that is on his campaign documents belongs to a couple receiving a homestead exemption for it and it’s listed as their principal residence in state property. Is Miner really living there? If so, is he just crashing with some friends or is he renting? The primary residence and homestead exemption information makes the whole thing look odd, since you can’t rent a property out and still receive some of the benefits the owners are listed as receiving.

Granted, things could have changed and the documents have yet to be updated online. However, this still means Miner district-shopped and he needs to make sure his information with the MVA is updated if it hasn’t been already.

Getting back to Miner’s campaign, he has made himself his own campaign chairman. His treasurer is Karen Stigler-Goldstein, the finance director of the United Way of Washington County. I wonder how the United Way feels about her serving as campaign treasurer for someone who treats women the way Miner does.

Miner’s primary opponent is likely to be Ruth Anne Callahan from what I’ve heard. Callahan is an at-large Washington County Commissioner so she certainly has more successful campaign experience than Miner. It will be interesting what women’s groups have to say about the race in light of Miner’s past and his opponent being a woman.

In case you aren’t familiar with Ryan Miner’s treatment of women, I’ll do a quick review.

Besides the aforementioned DUI, Miner copped a plea to assault and harassment charges in Pennsylvania after being charged with hitting his ex-fiancee with a police baton, posting topless pictures of her on her Facebook account after he changed the password, waiting outside her employer and residence, and threatening her with a gun held to her head. I’m not sure the residents of the district would want someone to represent them who was charged with holding a gun to his ex-fiancee’s head and saying “If you scream, I’ll shoot.”

In addition to the Pennsylvania conviction and charges, I have details on his harassment of multiple women. In one case, he sent vile, obscene messages via Facebook to a married party activist to the point she had to block him. There was another case of a young female party activist being harassed by him. Additionally, I have also heard about other obsessive behavior related to the unrequited affection Miner had for one particular young lady. I’ve heard details of countless other reports of his harassment and mistreatment of women from reputable and trustworthy sources.

One Republican woman has said that Miner is an ”overbearing asshole” who is “very aggressive towards women.”

In addition to the issue of how he treats women, Miner got himself in hot water several years ago for comments he made referring to gay people as “subhuman.” He made a belated apology that in hindsight looks to be calculated for political reasons since earlier this year he was seeking political advice for how to get in front of that issue as he prepared to run for office.

All of Miner’s foibles have resulted in a spotty career track record for him.

As I’ve written previously:

  • Miner claims he was fired from a “great opportunity” due to his anti-gay remarks.
  • He was fired by WHAG and barred from the property.
  • He was fired by Don Munson after the information on his stalking and harassment charges and conviction came out.
  • He was fired by Dan Bongino’s campaign for multiple reasons, some of them related to harassment.
  • He abruptly left the David Craig campaign after his drunken confrontation and DUI became news.
  • He apparently was let go from the Knowland Group, his full-time employer after the same news

He also appears to have stopped working for the David Vogt campaign in recent weeks, while campaigning for another candidate for delegate in another district.

To try to bolster his credentials, it appears that he just recently had a job created for him at a family business:



Despite Miner’s attempts to intimidate me by threatening me with legal actions multiple times and his obsession with me, I’m still here. Everything I’ve said about him has ultimately been proven as the truth. Maryland Republicans have enough trouble right now without someone like him as a candidate. His treatment of women, anti-gay remarks, criminal record, and immaturity are all major strikes against him.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. It appears that Ryan has un friended me on his Facebook page, I have emailed him to ask why, as I have done nothing to him except to offer advice to him on how to try and avoid any further damage to his reputation. I have not attacked Ryan in anyway shape or form, nor blogged about him on my website. It is not just him who has issues within the Republican Party, IE, David Brinkley with his questionable behavior, Don Dwyer, and those within the party having numerous affairs outside of their marriages and people wonder why the Republicans can never accomplish anything, it is because they continue to act like buffoons and destroy their own names, while the Demigods circle the wagons and protect their own, the Republican Party in Maryland continues to leave their people out in the open for attacks. I reported over 2 years ago that the Republican Party in Maryland was fractured and I was taken to task by Delegate Kelly Schulz for reporting the facts. I was told that my reporting only hurts the party rather than help it. At that point, I decided, I refuse to be quiet, because in reporting the facts on the failed Homer R Gang, and people such as Alex Mooney in positions that were destroying the party, it was obvious that the MD GOP, The Failed Ehrlite crew, would continue to go along as if they were untouchable. If they were untouchable, why do they continue to put up failed candidates that continue to run on Moderate views and continue to shut out people such as Brian Murphy when he was told by Ehrlich and his crew during his run for Governor, to keep his mouth shut about massive fraud that took place and a whistle blower case that involved pumping through over 50,000 illegal aliens into the social services system. It is quite apparent that Republican do not care who runs for office, they will continue to hand them out to dry if they are not part of the Homer R Gang, The Ehrlich Clan. Flunkies. Ryan has been given numerous chances to just clean it up, and I hope he does. I have nothing against Ryan, but feel a bit hurt that he would un friend me.