Maryland State Police release attacks Attorney General Gansler


The O’Malley-Brown administration fingerprints were all over the story that John Wagner wrote over the weekend about Doug Gansler and his Maryland State Police drivers. It looks like this trend is continuing with a press release sent by the MSP that attacks Gansler for one of his reactions since that story came out. Stay tuned for more on the politicization of the State Police by the O’Malley administration help their chosen candidate, Anthony Brown.

Here’s the MSP release:

Maryland State Police Press Release
10/15/2013 15:36

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – The Maryland State Police believe comments made by the Maryland Attorney General today about the Commander of the Executive Protection Section are baseless and inappropriate. The Department continues to stand behind the statements made by seven troopers who made written reports in addition to other troopers who made oral reports from the Executive Protection Section whose concerns were detailed in emails recently required to be released to media pursuant to requests under the Maryland Public Information Act.

In a television interview broadcast today, the Maryland Attorney General referred to the Commander of the Executive Protection Section as a ‘henchman’ and implied his actions were motivated by politics. This reference to Lt. Charles Ardolini is unseemly and unacceptable. Lt. Ardolini has served in the Executive Protection Section for almost 13 years, as a trooper providing protection, as a supervisor, and, for the last eight years, as the commander of the section. He worked under the administrations of Governor William Donald Schaeffer, Governor Parris Glendening, Governor Robert Ehrlich, and Governor Martin O’Malley.

As Commander of the Executive Protection Section, Lt. Ardolini reports to Lieutenant Colonel William Pallozzi, Chief of the Support Services Bureau. Lt. Col. Pallozzi served as a trooper providing protection, as a supervisor, and as a commander of the Executive Protection Section for 11 years, working for three administrations. “The role of anyone assigned to the Executive Protection Section, including the commander, is to fully focus on providing for the safety and protection of the elected officials we are assigned to protect,” Lt. Col. Pallozzi said. “We are to remain completely unattached and unaffiliated with any political party, cause or candidate. To accuse someone in the Executive Protection Section of a politically motivated action impugns the integrity not only of that individual, but of every one of the dedicated troopers who works in this difficult and demanding assignment. I have worked with and supervised Lt. Ardolini for more than 20 years and find his character and his commitment as a member of the Maryland State Police to be above reproach. The concern of Lt. Ardolini was solely focused on the safety of the protectee, his troopers, and the general public. His actions, which occurred two years ago, had absolutely nothing to do with any political motivation.”

The Maryland State Police believe the members of the Executive Protection Section work very hard to be impartial. Lt. Ardolini’s conduct was nothing but professional. His memorandum was the result of ongoing safety concerns expressed to him by his troopers over a period of time that culminated with actions witnessed by the Lieutenant himself. He ultimately reported his concerns up his chain of command to the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Lt. Ardolini would have been considered negligent in his duties had he not done so. Lt. Ardolini did not make these documented concerns public. The documents became public due to a request by the Washington Post under the Maryland Public Information Act.

The Maryland State Police Executive Protection Section role remains that of protection, security, and safety, not politics


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  1. Doug Gansler is a joke. Not only does he have an Illegal Alien supporter and Delegate in Jolene Ivey who sat on Casa De Maryland’s board of directors as Delegate, and requesting money, ie, Tax Dollars for Casa De Maryland, she also perpetrated attacks on those who would testify in Annapolis. She would shun down upon those who would testify, talking down them and stating how they have no idea what they are talking about, and now you have Doug ‘The Brown Noser’ Gansler stating that this whole thing is just a Political Attack due to the Election Season. He is just a liar like Martin O’Malley. Why in the world wouldn’t they come out and go after Gansler, because he is running for Governor and the People should know about his ill gotten games and abuse of his privelages. Again, why does he even need a driver and security detail on the backs on Maryland Tax Payers. He has abused his privelages time and time again and he should be held accountable. He has circumvented the Maryland Constitution overriding it with his own opinions based on Federal Law, but when he is asked to enforce laws regarding Illegal Aliens and the Fraud taking place in Maryland, he just states, its a Federal issue. This is just another reason why he is just out of touch and inexperienced and a total buffoon and failure. He refuses to answer his emails, he runs from you when you have questions for him, and his lackeys have no clue when you finally do get a response. This jackass should just go into retirement and coach a soccer team.