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I went to the Maryland Republican Party’s Oktoberfest event in Timonium Saturday night. There was a nice turnout. The food was good. There were some nice silent auction items. There was a German band there.

My only complaint really was that the only beer options at an Oktoberfest event were Yuengling and Miller Lite in a can. I realize real German beer might not have been possible, but maybe try to get some Beck’s or Heineken for it? (I realize this may be an issue with the caterer.)

Of the gubernatorial candidates, David Craig and Ron George were both there. Craig’s running mate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio was there. There were lapel stickers being handed out for Craig and George and there were signs both in the hall and on the perimeter of the fairgrounds. Even presumed candidate Larry Hogan was there and Change Maryland was handing out their stickers everywhere. Plus, Hogan’s name  was on a sign for the top tiers of sponsors along with Change Maryland.

There was no evidence of Charles Lollar’s existence at the event. There were no signs, lapel, stickers, or volunteer presence for Lollar inside or outside the event. Lollar himself was not there. Responses later on social media to people talking about this were that Lollar was at an event in Somerset County. The Somerset County GOP had an event that started at 3:00 p.m. Lollar could have gone there and then still probably made it to Oktoberfest in Timonium in time to do some good for his campaign. When this was pointed out, Lollar supporters responded that he had also been to Gaithersburg’s Oktoberfest that day. That’s nice, he went to an Oktoberfest. Of course, the Oktoberfest in Gaithersburg ran from noon until 5 p.m. so that means he was there prior to driving to Somerset County.

Lollar also missed the Prince George’s County Lincoln Day dinner last week. I am not sure of the rhyme or reason (if there is any) for what events Lollar goes to and which ones he skips. How many Republican primary voters were actually at the Gaithersburg Oktoberfest? Pictures on Facebook seemed to indicate a very small turnout at the event in Somerset County as well (it was held in a picnic shelter from the appearance of things.) Lollar’s campaign appears to be in trouble right now (more on that later.)

Congressman Andy Harris was also there. Congressional candidate Dan Bongino was as well. Several legislators and legislative candidates were there as well as many local elected officials from all over the state.

Ryan Miner, candidate for the House of Delegates in 2C was there and I will probably surprise people by saying good things about him. Miner was on the wagon all night from all reports I heard, and the one time I was directly behind him in the drink line he was getting soda. I really hope that means he is turning things around personally following his recent struggles, even if I don’t think it’s the best idea for him to run for office.

Additionally, Richard Cross returned to blogging with his report on the event.

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