Birther candidate has more cash on hand than David Vogt


As I wrote back in August, Brandon Rippeon is a birther.

Rippeon ran in the MD-06 primary against now ex-Congressman Roscoe Bartlett in 2012. He finished in sixth place.


Here’s Rippeon’s campaign finance summary for last quarter:


Rippeon didn’t raise any money or spend any money, and he has a $95,600 debt (which is all from loans to himself) that carried over from 2012. However, he has $500 cash on hand, which is still more than David Vogt.

As I wrote yesterday, Vogt has several campaign finance problems that all seem to boil down to the fact he acted as his own treasurer. Rippeon was smart enough not to make that mistake.

David Vogt has  campaign finance law violations related to anonymous cash contributions. Additionally, he incorrectly said that he had negative cash on hand (-$3362.48.) As I noted when I corrected his error, he actually has $190 on-hand after carrying over money from the previous quarter. That is still less cash on hand than Brandon Rippeon.

Rippeon has already shown himself to not be a serious candidate. What does it say for David Vogt that he has less cash on hand at the end of the quarter than Rippeon?

As Front Line State points out about Vogt:

This is clearly not a serious campaign, but it’s hard not to look at this and wonder if David Vogt is even a serious person. Remember that the centerpiece of Vogt’s campaign is demonstrating fiscal responsibility with campaign spending.

Jeff Quinton

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