Geraldo Rivera threatens to kick Nick Gillespie’s ass

Earlier tonight, Geraldo Rivera posted this on Facebook:



Nick Gillespie of Reason was a guest on Crossfire on CNN tonight.

Mediaite has the remarks Gillespie made:

Gillispie [sic] said, of Sebelius, “she should have tendered her resignation,” and added “This is the biggest G.D. deal that a liberal administration has put forward since Harry Truman,” because imagine the outrage if he’d said “Goddamn?”

“If the President didn’t know a couple days before how bad it was,” Gillespie added, “what is he, Hitler in the bunker? That is objectionable. ”

“Almost as objectable as the Hitler reference,” a smiling Van Jones added, because this is Crossfire.

“He’s like Nixon,” Gillespie allowed. “Is that better?”

Mediaite also has the video clip, which apparently isn’t embeddable here.

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Jeff Quinton

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  1. I think the Hitler in the Bunker thing is appropriate. How flipping disconnected is he? How does he allow this kind of failure on his watch AND allows his subordinates to get away with not fully informing him? Or did he know and lie about how great it was regardless of the fitness and readiness of the website.

    What I found the most offensive is Obama’s tendency to assign to himself the role of “Most Aggrieved Man in the World”. “No one is angrier than me.” He keeps saying things like that, but then nothing changes. It’s an act. A stupid, stupid act.