Confirmed: The Lollar Campaign is a Train Wreck

The news from the Charles Lollar campaign today started out badly, and it got worse as the day progressed.

As I noted this morning, Lollar was late for the gubernatorial debate on WCBM. Since then, I’ve learned of several departures from the Lollar campaign.

Karen Hinkson, Montgomery County Chair, has left the Lollar campaign. I also hear that John Arnold, communications director, handed in his resignation from the Lollar campaign. Arnold was apparently a campaign staffer for Ronald Reagan at some point. Trevor Smith, policy director, also resigned from the campaign. Smith, who has a PhD. in political science,  is a longtime supporter and friend of Lollar’s who authored all policy documents for the campaign. He also authored the New Day MD Red Print plan for the New Day MD PAC that Lollar is no longer the chair of, even though his picture is all over their website still and he’s still listed as their chairman.

Speaking of website issues, I hear Moshe Starkman is no longer assisting the Lollar campaign with their website. This may explain why their site has been effectively down since Monday. Another recent departure was Jeremiah Hughes, who was co-chairman for the Lollar campaign in Prince George’s County.

Another departure from the campaign was Mike Phillips, who told Red Maryland that the problems within the campaign are all a result of Karen Winterling’s behavior towards staff and volunteers. I’ve heard from others that this is definitely the case.

As I said before, I heard Winterling’s days might have been numbered “if Lollar has the spine to actually fire anyone for a change.”

That definitely appears to be the case now since Winterling remained on the job and three others left. Lollar supporters have noticed the issues and are upset.

Let’s recap just some of the issues related to the implosion of the Charles Lollar campaign aside from the issues discussed above:

  • there was the campaign kickoff bus with out-of-state tags
  • that bus tour included two employees of campaign manager Karen Winterling’s business who were there at the expense of the business
  • one of those two employees was Jason Boisvert, who spent five months in jail last year after being arrested on primary election day at a polling place
  • the campaign admitted to a reporter they didn’t know what the MSEA is
  • the campaign sent a horribly-executed email out that left money on the table

The clock is ticking now on the Lollar’s campaign’s remaining time to recover from the chronic mismanagement issues that have plagued it so far.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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