A week later: where’s Charles Lollar’s campaign website?


The Charles Lollar trainwreck continues. As I noted last week, their website was totally down Monday and then the above placeholder image popped up on the site that evening. Note there is not an authority line on the graphic (i.e. the whole placeholder site), as required by state law.

The site, lollar4governor.com, has remained effectively down with the placeholder graphic ever since. That’s over a week now with no access to a Charles Lollar campaign site for any potential voter who might be looking for information on him or who might have gotten the address via campaign literature.

Of course, the draftcharleslollar.com version of the site remained up at first. Apparently, in reaction to my story pointing out it still had the old version of the website, the domain name was redirected so that it points to the lollar4governor site now (as does charleslollarforgovernor.co.)

Additionally, the lollar4governor.com domain is no longer registered to Moshe Starkman, who I pointed out last week is no longer involved with the campaign. Starkman’s information does still show up in the domain registry from the draftcharleslollar and the .co sites. The lollar4governor domain registry information now has the campaign as the registrant with 2420 West Street in Annapolis as the address and 877-908-1910 as the phone number. The other two domains that now refer to lollar4governor are still registered in Starkman’s name.

Yesterday, the Lollar campaign’s social media accounts posted a link to lollar.nationbuilder.com which was later deleted. This NationBuilder site is obviously still under construction and it appears they may be trying to do the site in-house. There are blank issue pages that have yet to be built out. There are errors in the copy and the layout and formatting of the text is visually unimpressive. This is the third iteration of the campaign logo counting the Achieve the Dream alternate logo. To me, there is also too much white space in this site as it is under development and the font in the logo (and other places) is unattractive.


I am even more dumbfounded by the fact that they are building their new site on NationBuilder after taking the main site down. The technical aspect of flipping the switch on the main site so it looks like the NationBuilder one they are developing now wouldn’t be significant that different had they left their old site up for the past week.

Instead, they’ve lost Google PageRank due to their lack of any text on the placeholder site. They’ve lost anybody who tried to visit their site via a Google search or who saw the URL on campaign literature. All of this goes along with the fact that nobody could sign up for their email list or give donations through the website for the past week. This is just unacceptable for anyone wanting to be taken seriously as a candidate.

Additionally, the implosion of the Lollar campaign continues. Joe Crawford, who was doing social media, and Chris Cherest, who worked with former communications director John Arnold, are both no longer involved in the campaign.

Here’s a running tally of some of the major issues with the campaign in additions to all the web problems discussed above:

One person pointed out recently to me that, if the GOP primary was getting the same amount of attention as the Democratic primary at this point, that Lollar would be the GOP equivalent to Doug Gansler, based solely on self-inflicted gaffes. I disagree. Lollar was doing it way before Gansler, so that makes Gansler the Democrat equivalent to Lollar, based on gaffes.

This all is a result in mismanagement of the campaign by Karen Winterling and Lollar’s apparent misplaced loyalty to someone who isn’t doing him much good. I’m not sure why there has been a reluctance to make a change in a situation that is so obviously bad, since he went through 3 or 4 campaign managers in his congressional campaign.

Online polls are themselves not scientific and dont mean that much, except for general trend tracking. However, Lollar’s campaign heavily pushed the October Red Maryland poll. They not only pushed people to vote for Lollar, but to vote that they thought it was okay for a candidate to pay himself a salary.

Lollar finished below undecided in the poll, even though people in his campaign were pushing it. 11% of the campaign voters self-identified as a member of a county GOP’s central committee. This doesn’t bode well for Lollar generally. Additionally, most people who voted in the poll thought it was inappropriate for a congressional candidate to receive a salary from campaign funds. When you look at just the people who voted for Lollar in the poll, only a very thin majority thought it was okay.

I suspect we have not heard the last of Lollar campaign mismanagement, miscues, or gaffes as the campaign moves forward.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. I can add one more. I have made numerous attempts to reach out to donate time in very specific ways to the Lollar campaign, to include being told by Charles Lollar to contact the campaign coordinator of my county, to this day I don’t know who it is.
    Furthermore the campaign manager has not only isolated me but refuses to return emails or phone calls.
    And I’m not the only one who has had this problem.
    It seems the campaign manager is doing a fine job of sinkng whatever ship Charles Lollar is on, and He is a great person, but the mismanagement of the campaign is becoming a huge issue.
    I at this point in time don’t have time or energy to donate to a sinking ship.
    And as long as things stay the way they they are in the campaign, as much as I love Charles Lollar, I can not donate and will not donate my time and energy to a cause that the campaign staff doesn’t deem worth fighting for.
    Simple as that.

  2. This is so unfortunate. The campaign website issues are huge, but to read that comment above is incredibly disheartening. Despite the mismanagement of the campaign, Charles does indeed have a following and people who would like to support him. I simply can’t fathom why those supporters would not be welcomed with open arms and responded to in a prompt fashion. I certainly hope Charles takes a more active role in what is going on sooner than later, because he’s doing his supporters a huge disservice by letting this continue. It’s getting to be rather painful to watch.

  3. The campaign is definately plagued with a “Mean Girls Club” mentality. If you aren’t a Karen Winterling butt sniffer or her husbands – you are not welcome to assist the campaign – “we do want your money but we’re not going to ask you for it unless you are a large corporation (those kind of corporations that won’t donate to a losing cause).” While they may not physically make such statements – their actions are being construed as such. The campaign has seen some very good talent and dedicated volunteers come and be fired or edged out (since the campaign states they don’t “fire” volunteers, or flat-out resign). It is very much a shame. One person who told me his “goal in life – was to see Charles Lollar in the Governor’s mansion” could not take the brutality and mismanagement of one Karen Winterling after being with Lollar for 5 years, he resigned last week. Charles states that he is “loyal” but his loyalty is currently mis-placed. Maybe he’ll wake up before it cost him his life’s savings and withdraws or connects with a real campaign manager who knows what they are doing and how to manage people vs. run them off. I can’t help but wonder if the Winterlings actually are being paid by one of the other candidates. There is a spirit within the management head of the Lollar camp that is not of or anything like Lollar. It is sabotaging his campaign. At some point – which I believe is past but not too late – Lollar MUST realize it from his built-in discernment capabilities and exercise that spirit that cannot co-exist with a man of Lollar’s stature and character make-up. From one who strongly and firmly believes in “principalities and powers in high places” I believe those principalities and powers are at work in the Lollar Leadership and he has hooked his ox to their wagon. Dear Charles – please do not be unequally yoked. Currently you are…and I cannot support you until you make a drastic change in your direction.

    One gentleman told me last night that they were sorry they got so involved in the campaign. This was one of those “big Money” people that will drop $15k at a fundraiser. He’s “waiting until after the primary when it all shakes out” But by then it will be too late – Charles can’t win the Primary with his current leadership in place.

    I agree with Jackie – so very very sad…unless of course you are Larry Hogan.

  4. Jeff,

    I wanted to take a quick moment to reply to blog posts regarding the Charles Lollar Campaign. I am on the Executive Team, but am speaking for myself and not officially for the campaign. I first want to say that I understand and appreciate the fact that we need to be critical of all of our political candidates, especially at this time when there is so much distrust and disdain for our elected officials. It is for this reason that I want to highlight a different side of this campaign.

    Charles likes to make the commonly know statement that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With that in mind, this campaign is doing something remarkably different in my mind. We are truly a campaign of the people. Being involved with Grass Roots, I personally see, everyday the thousands of people that are energized and excited about this campaign and what Charles Lollar brings to the table. With that, we are not looking for the standard, regurgitated, seasoned and experienced campaign staff that with the exception of Governor Ehrlich and a few others, have been unable to win in Maryland. We are mothers, fathers, small business owners, employees and citizens of this fine state that have a vested interest in seeing the change that Charles Lollar can and will bring. We are not always going to be completely polished as a staff, but we will be completely sincere.

    Out of this sincerity, is a growing tide of people that see that things can be different. Despite being the most conservative candidate on the ticket, Charles Lollar is making headway with the myriad of frustrated democrats that actually believe and live much more conservatively than they vote because they just don’t believe Republicans care. Charles Lollar does care about each and every person in this state and people feel that. Because of that, you will not find a more enthusiastic group of supporters in this race. We are not paid, we are fighting because we believe in the changes that are coming. This requires putting concern over the individual citizens above complete concern over the acceptance of the GOP establishment. Charles Lollar is the ONLY candidate who has a shot at winning the General Election.

    I am proud of the people in this campaign, what we are accomplishing and what we will continue to accomplish. I would be happy to talk with you in person. I think our biggest criticism of your approach would be the seemingly lack of balance. We expect the criticism, but where are the posts about the Craig, and George campaigns, both whom have had problems as well, within their campaigns. We do not and will not highlight those issues as we respect the campaigns that they are running, but we would expect you to have some balance in your coverage. Perhaps it is because Charles is the only candidate that generates enough buzz to make a blog worth reading. If so, I understand that.

    The sad thing is, that this smacks of the tactics of the other side. To get so bogged down with the minutia of things like the website, dissatisfaction of some with the CM, where plates on the bus were from, that the hopeful message of Charles is drowned out. We are not talking about eliminating the burdens of the O’Malley tax hikes, financial independence as a state from the Federal Government, how to get the ever increasing unemployed Marylanders back to work, and the myriad of other important issues facing our state.

    So in final, our web site will be up soon, the internal workings of the campaign are in great shape, and we will continue to pick up supporters from this great state. We love Maryland and want to see the changes that will allow for our children and grandchildren to settle here as well. I believe in the work that I am doing and am privileged to be a part of the coming change.