Baltimore Sun reports on Lollar’s campaign woes, website issues


Michael Dresser of The Baltimore Sun reported last night on the Charles Lollar campaign website story that I’ve reported on over the last week or so.

Lollar told Dresser the page has only been down four or five days. That’s funny since it went down last Monday which makes it down eight days at the time Lollar told Dresser that. Does that make what Lollar said about it only being down four or five days an “absolute lie”?

Also from the story:

In an interview Tuesday night, Lollar said the web site had been taken down to make revisions.

“We made it a decision to do it that way purposely because we changed the whole look,” said Lollar, a Charles County business executive and Marine Reserve officer. “In 48 hours if not sooner, we’ll see a beautiful site.”

But Jeff Quinton, author of the Quinton Report blog, questioned why the campaign didn’t follow the more typical practice of leaving the old site up and making a transition to the new site during a time of little traffic.

Lollar gave this interview to Dresser on Tuesday night, so we should see a “beautiful” website up before Thursday night. Based on what they already had under construction on their NationBuilder site, they might get a site up by Thursday night but whether it’s beautiful or not will be in the eye of the beholder (not that a “beautiful” site does much good if it doesn’t function the way it needs to.)

Of course, all my reports are lies according to Lollar:

In recent weeks, Quinton has posted a series of reports of disarray, dissension and defections in the Lollar camp. Lollar said Tuesday night, after Quinton posted earlier in the day about continuing problems with the web site and the campaign, that Quinton’s reports were an “absolute lie.”

Brian Griffiths, president and programming director, of the Red Maryland online radio network, said Quinton has a good reputation for reporting on party affairs and that his reports are being taken seriously in the GOP.

This follows a pattern where the response from Lollar or others with his campaign calls things lies or “erroneous” without actually detailing what is supposedly false.

I’ve posted my email address numerous times and I’ve never heard from Lollar’s people to take issue with anything I’ve written. I’m not hard to find. They would rather make backhanded jabs online so cowardly that they don’t even have the courtesy to mention people by name. Lollar’s Eastern Regional Campaign Director Julie Brewington bucked that trend yesterday, however, in a blog post that will cause the campaign some heartburn (more on that in a later post – I have it saved in case it makes an untimely disappearance from her blog.) The only Lollar campaign worker who had previously made comments was Jason Boisvert who used to comment on this site until he was apparently silenced.

Of course, later in the story, Lollar possibly tips his hand by what he refuses to say:

Questioned about the status of his campaign, Lollar tried to change the subject to taxes and other issues. He declined to say whether campaign manager Karen Winterling remained on the job.

“We actually have a robust organization,” Lollar said.

Aside from the laughable “robust organization” comment, the fact that Lollar tried to change the subject and declined to say whether Karen Winterling is still “on the job” shows that things aren’t as rosy as Lollar and his partisans are trying to make them out to be. Is Lollar looking for a new campaign manger? Will Winterling be fired or reassigned? If that ends up being the case, remember where you heard it first.

I’ll have a more detailed follow-up on Lollar’s website issues later.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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