Almost 11 days later, Charles Lollar’s campaign website is up


In Tuesday’s Baltimore Sun story on, Charles Lollar promised that “In 48 hours if not sooner, we’ll see a beautiful site.”

It definitely wasn’t sooner. They were pretty close to being late, but the site went up around 6:15 p.m. tonight. It looks exactly like what I showed you earlier this week.

I noted at 11:26 this morning that the domain name was completely down and told you that meant the site would probably be up soon. I noted att 11:48 that the domain name was pointed to the NationBuilder site login page for the Lollar campaign with the site remaining unpublished.

Had anyone not affiliated with the Lollar campaign visited this page at 12:54 they would have gotten this:


Of course, at 12:54, Lollar’s eastern regional campaign director (Julie Brewington) made this tweet directing people to a link for the events page:


If you actually had clicked on that link at 12:54 and until shortly after 6:15 tonight you would have gotten the login page I showed above. This shows that Julie Brewington was logged into the campaign’s NationBuilder login and was clueless that the site wasn’t actually live for everyone but people from the campaign who were logged in. (And yes, I promise that post about Brewington is still in the works.)

Testing of the site continued until late this afternoon before they published it at 6:15. This was at the bottom of the contact page on the site after it launched. In other words, Karen Winterling was testing the site after 4:


Winterling also tested the donation page herself:


This confirms that the campaign is doing the site in-house now.

Now that they met Lollar’s self-imposed deadline after they were embarassed in the newspaper about their site being down, that doesn’t excuse the circumstances that led to it being nonfunctional for so long. The Obamacare website itself was more function than the Lollar campaign site in those 10+ days. At least you could try to do something on the Obamacare site even if it didn’t work or took a long time. You could only get a static image on the Lollar site during that time.

The artwork on the site was done the other day when they left the NationBuilder page published. Why did it take 48 more hours to finish the rest of the site? 11 days seems like a long time for the whole website rebuild to me too. The site is clean but very simple. I’m at a loss for what could have possibly taken so long.

As I said before, this totally changes the campaign branding and slogan yet again. A New Way Forward sounds similar to Obama 2012’s Forward. What was wrong with Achieve the Dream? How much money is being spent to redo all the printed materials to reflect the new branding?

You can’t spell Lollar without LOL.

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