Brian Vaeth, still a candidate for Governor


As I reported on August 9:

Brian Vaeth is apparently still in the race after previous reports he was dropping out and endorsing Lollar.

With Vaeth still in the race, that means Charles Lollar lost (after Blaine Young) the 2nd most prominent endorsement he has received.

Red Maryland has the evidence of the previous Vaeth endorsement of Lollar.


Like Lollar, Vaeth also has website issues. Unlike Lollar,Vaeth doesn’t have a team of people working on it. Although, Vaeth has a domain name for his website. Those aren’t free, so that seemingly goes against his pledge not to spend any money on his campaign.

Some excerpts from the Vaeth interview with The Gazette, which didn’t ask him about his previous endorsement of Lollar:

Describing his politics as “leaning to the left a bit, but mostly middle of the road,” Vaeth supports a higher minimum wage, and favors prison reform and strong education funding — “teachers should be making $100,000 a year and schools should look like cathedrals,” he said.

Vaeth supports putting people out of work with a higher minimum wage. That’s more than just a bit of a lean to left. His “schools should look like cathedrals” line sounds an awfully lot like something that Sam Seaborn (played by  Rob Lowe) said in an episode of the West Wing.

The exact Seaborn quotation:

Schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce. They should be making six-figure salaries.

Here’s the video:

Also, Vaeth says he is for alternative energy, “not necessarily fracking.” A few lines later, Vaeth is identified as a “businessman in the field of solar energy.” That pretty much tells you what his alternative energy plans are.

Vaeth is at least seemingly more realistic about his chances than Charles Lollar:

Vaeth acknowledged that as a Republican candidate in a majority Democratic state, who vows not to take a dime of donations, there is a chance he will not win.

He also apparently is trying to scare people into voting for him by promising to keep running for office:

If Vaeth does not win the Republican nomination or a term in Annapolis as governor, he said voters can expect to see his name again, running for another office.

Is that another similarity between Vaeth and Lollar?

I wonder which candidate is more credible – Brian Vaeth or Charles Lollar?

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  1. Brian Vaeth’s ability to be able to laugh at himself while continuing to run hard instantly makes him far more credible than Charles Lollar. Cue up the cries of racism against me now – I don’t care. A bad candidate is a bad candidate, no matter the skin color, and Mr. Lollar is a bad candidate. I don’t get why Mr. Vaeth (and Blaine Young, for that matter) ever endorsed him.