Charles Lollar: Going off the rails on a crazy train

lollar-speaking-2After the Baltimore Sun picked up my story last week that pointed out the Charles Lollar campaign’s incompetency as it related to their website, which ultimately was down for 11 days.

After all the coverage last week, the Sun referred to Lollar as a “long-shot” which appears to be the case to everyone except for a few people inside the Lollar campaign.

The Lollar campaign is a trainwreck that already started its implosion. Whether it’s the out of state campaign bus, not knowing what the MSEA is, being late to a debate, an email that cost the campaign money, or not vetting members of the campaign team, things are going downhill fast.

As I’ve said before, most of the problems are mismanagement involving the campaign team that can be ultimately traced to campaign manager Karen Winterling (a.k.a. Karen Lawrenson, a.k.a. Karen Altiere, a.k.a. Karen Gorman.) Additionally, Lollar’s campaign team seems to be going out of their way to cause problems for him by their actions and statements. Some of the problematic campaign members besides Winterling have been Matthew Adams, Jason Boisvert, Julie Brewington, and Petra Smail.

Remember, you can’t spell Lollar without LOL.

Julie Brewington


brewingtonJulie Brewington, of Salisbury, is the “Eastern Regional Team Leader at Charles Lollar for Govenor.” Brewington was previously the Wicomico County coordinator for the campaign. Brewington often makes abusive tweets and Facebook posts late at night that, for some strange reason, are often deleted the next morning. She threatens to sue people or file criminal charges at the drop of the hat for behavior that pales in comparison to some of her online behavior.

Late last week, Brewington wrote a post on her blog (which she just started up again in time to be a shill for Lollar) that takes people to task who have dared to criticize Lollar’s campaign. That includes me, Jackie Wellfonder, and Brian Griffiths. Her whole post attacks others for bias while not revealing her own bias by failing to disclose her role in the Lollar campaign.

I’m going to fisk that post now. (Her words are offset in blockquote, my responses are not.)

While Charles Lollar is admired and respected by those who cherish the constitution, some so-called Maryland Republicans, have continued their vicious attacks against the only black conservative currently running for Governor. His detractors identify his campaign as a “train wreck” and continue to publish numerous erroneous facts, while his facebook following nearly doubles that of his closest announced rivals. Political insiders describe this as “fiction” conjured up to target the conservative favorite. Lollar is often considered the front runner, because of his ability to win the general election, and engage Democrat voters.

There are plenty of people who admire and respect Charles Lollar (including me) who don’t like how he’s letting a bunch of soreheads wreck his chances of a respectable showing in the primary. Of course, Brewington also throws in the line about the only black conservative running in an attempt to use the liberal tactic of playing the race card. His campaign is a train wreck as I’ve detailed countless times. Just saying it’s “erroneous” without backing it up doesn’t make for a convincing counterclaim. Facebook numbers don’t equal voters and Lollar himself has cracked wise about other candidates in the past with higher Facebook follower counts than him by saying he doesn’t have time for Facebook. That’s also something he said in a staff meeting earlier this year when he said that he never looks at Facebook. Just calling something “fiction” doesn’t make it so. It’s hard to take anyone seriously who says Lollar is the front runner based on plenty of factual information.

Other sources speculate that some of the critics making hay on their blogs and attempting to intimidate the campaign, are paid operatives of the establishment Republicans who support David Craig, Ron George, or perhaps even Larry Hogan of Change Maryland.

I am not being paid by any of those three or any other candidate for any office. If I were I would do the ethical thing and disclose it. Both Brian Griffiths and Jackie Wellfonder say they are not being paid by any of the above candidates as well. Campaign finance reports in January will bear this out to be the truth.

Frederick County Commissioners President, Blaine Young had been widely speculated to seek the office, but bowed out in August saying;  “After extensive polling, the only one who can win the general election is Charles Lollar.” fully endorsing him.

This is still the biggest name endorsement Lollar has received. The second-biggest endorsement was Brian Vaeth and he changed his mind and is still running for governor.

Careful not to attack the candidate himself, for obvious political reasons, Jeff Quinton, editor of  an obscure blog named “The Quinton Report” has railed on every member of the Lollar campaign, often in very personal derogatory ways. He continually points out each and every little thing he can;  such as emails, transportation, and staff issues.  Always blaming Lollar’s campaign manager, Karen Winterling, even stating she has “a fetish for black conservative politicians.”

I have pointed out multiple times that if Lollar doesn’t rein in people like Brewington and Winterling that it’s a reflection of his leadership. I am surprised that isn’t considered an attack. I’m glad to know I’m an obscure blogger who is quoted regularly by Maryland Reporter and has been in the Baltimore Sun twice in the past week. Additionally, a previous blog of mine was the third one in Michelle Malkin’s blogroll when she started her site. I’ve been on MSNBC (on a show co-hosted by conservative Monica Crowley) before it went crazy liberal to discuss a post on my blog. I’ve also written a blog post on the NSA recruitment process for in the past. Additionally, in the past few months I’ve been featured or mentioned at the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, Twitchy, and many other news site. Other past mentions have included The Washington Post, FishbowlDC, Deadspin, and numerous other prominent blogs. I have been a credentialed blogger at CPAC for the past three years and at Values Voter Summit for three of the last four. It would appear Brewington is jealous.

An email that was a screen shot and not actual text and didn’t include any working links to use for donating money is not a minor matter to point out. It is a lost opportunity by the campaign that left money on the table. The severe mismanagement and abuse of volunteers detailed in the past are a concern about Lollar’s leadership and how he would run the Governor’s office if he happened to be elected.

I did not say Karen Winterling has a “black conservative fetish.” I quoted someone else who did and it related solely to politics. The exact line: “I’ve also been told by one GOP observer that, when it comes to politics, Winterling has a ‘black conservative fetish.'”

I’ve even been told something similar by a high level Republican in the past 48 hours.

Jackie Welfonder and Brian Griffiths, both who host “radio internet shows” on another blog named “Red Maryland” have lobbed some “doozies” of their own against the Lollar campaign, staff, and thus Lollar himself; stating he is not a “serious candidate” (whatever that means). Wellfonder, president of the Wicomico Republican Club, fancies herself an activist, a blogger, and is reportedly launching a for-profit political social media consulting business. She recently went on an all day Twitter tirade against the Lollar campaign and its staff, hurling insults that were echoed across her internet “radio program” the following day. Griffiths is Chairman of the Maryland Young Republicans and also participates on the MDGOP Executive Committee. He has also continually railed against Lollar and has been quite vulgar publicly to members of the Lollar campaign on social media, on his blog, and on his “radio program”.

As you will shortly see, Julie Brewington making these sorts of allegations about insults and vulgar talk is quite hilarious considering what she does herself. The rest of the post is more Brewington blathering and delusion. Later in the week she was touting readership numbers for that post that weren’t that high without realizing most of the traffic was people laughing at her. Additionally, I linked to it a few times to mock and I’m sure that accounted for a significant percentage of her traffic on it. Also, I’m sure Brewington keeps a tight grip on the comment moderation on her blog, based on how tightly she moderates the Wicomico Society of Patriots group on Facebook. It would seem odd then that she let through and hasn’t removed multiple comments that are libelous and potentially libelous on her blog. That would seemingly open her up to some liability concerns.

Lollar campaign manager Karen Winterling obviously agreed with the sentiments expressed by Brewington because she posted it to Facebook later:


Brewington also has a spelling problem. Note the source code from her blog below that shows she misspelled “Coservative” in her blog title as it relates to the nav bar at the top of the browser window and for the RSS feeds title:


Brewington also misspelled “independant” in her Twitter profile (there is a point to this other than nitpicking spelling so bear with me):


Late last week a new anonymous blog popped up. It’s called MD Watch or MD Politics Watch. Unfortunately, they misspelled their name in their Twitter handle as @MDPolitcsWatch. It appears someone else has gotten the @MDPoliticsWatch handle now so they won’t be able to correct that mistake.


Last week, the MDWatch twitter account had no followers. Now it has 7. None of those followers include Julie Brewington or Karen Winterling or anyone else from the campaign. So, how exactly did Julie Brewington know about this blog when she tweeted a link to a story about Jackie Wellfonder, who she has a well-known dislike for?


Of course, that post that Brewington is making such a huge deal about is one that discusses a recent speeding ticket received by Jackie Wellfonder.

If you dig into the post, there is something odd in the HTML.

If you look at the link on the words political consultant below:


Then look at the HTML source code for the page:


You will note that the words political consultant are linked to Julie Brewington’s Facebook profile. That is an odd coincidence. Putting all the facts together, someone might think Brewington was somehow involved in that anonymous blog.

If that is the case, the fact that attention is drawn to a speeding ticket that Wellfonder received is ironic considering recent charges against Brewington herself. On 8/24/2013, Brewington was cited in Salisbury for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield right of way. It was noted on the online case record that Brewington contributed to an accident and that personal injury was involved. Brewington requested a trial and it will be held on 11/12.


Brewington also had a criminal charge in 2011 for a dog or dogs running loose that was nolle prossed.

As I wrote about her before:

Brewington is a county chair for the Lollar campaign and acts publicly on behalf of the campaign as well as online. She’s no shrinking violet and she lords overs the one Facebook group  for the Wicomico Society of Patriots she administers with an iron fist to make sure nothing the least bit negative gets said about Lollar. Additionally, she browbeats, threatens, and tries to shut up anyone who says anything she disagrees with. Because of one legal situation in which she dealt with one Salisbury blogger, Joe Albero, reportedly caused her to get a peace order against him she thinks she can hold legal threats (both criminal and civil) over the head of anyone who too vehemently disagrees with her in online arguments. She may want to check with a lawyer before she continues to spew this verbal diarrhea. I have shown that I am not intimidated by baseless legal threats on multiple occasions before. I did find this old article on Brewington cached online and I found it interesting reading.

Of course, while Brewington threatens anyone who disagrees her and makes all sorts of obnoxious and combative posts late at night  before later deleting them (hmm, I wonder why?), she isn’t above name-calling and invective herself. She implies Brian Griffiths has a mental illness just because he talked to the Baltimore Sun for a story. Her flunky on the Lollar campaign Matthew Adams also jumped in. Meerman, who is also a county chair for Lollar, has made many over the top posts online about various subjects, some of them that aren’t that smart for someone trying to influence votes for Lollar.

In 2010, Brewington ran for the House of Delegates in District 38A. She got 384 votes and finished in last place in the Republican primary behind three other candidates.

If you look at her campaign financial records online, she still has an open violation with an outstanding balance for not filing a required report:


brewington-gunAdditionally, she gave a contribution to the federal campaign of Christine O’Donnell, who ran for Senate in Delaware. That donation was given in late November of 2010. I’ve heard mixed information on whether such a contribution was legal, depending on whether it related to state laws or federal laws. That’s an area I will need to follow up on.

On Sunday night, Brewington started a long argument with Brian Griffiths on the QA County GOP Facebook group. Brewington’s posts were full of misspelled words and typos late at night. She tried to get Griffiths to call her to hash things out on the phone and kept posting her number and calling him a coward. When he posted what was purportedly his number (867-5309), Brewington indicated that she apparently was stupid enough to call that number (from the ’80s song) and got no answer. She also told Griffiths to come to her house to talk things out.

Of course, to add on to that Brewington made this tweet Sunday night after the discussion:


A reasonable person might conclude that Brewington was displaying menacing or threatening behavior in that whole exchange. (I have screen captures that I can post later if necessary.)

Later, Brian Griffiths got an apology from a member of the Lollar campaign team about Brewington’s behavior:

Hello Mr. Griffths,
    I am a top volunteer on the Lollar campaign, and a huge fan of your show. You guys do a phenominal job and really the only MD local radio station that knows what’s going on in MD and offer wise and insightful commentary. I maintain huge respect for you Mr. Griffths.
    I wish to remain anonymous, so as to not bring division in the camp. But I would like to say that I apologize for the childish, Facebook insults that Julie gave you. She is a loose cannon and lacks honorable, respectable conduct and etiquiette elsewhere. While I cannot say for certain, I HIGHLY DOUBT that those attacks were approved by Charles, as his reputation and character are extraordinary. (I would say that even if I was not on his team or voting for him)
    So I ask for your forgiveness, and look forward to your next interview with Mr. Lollar. Though I’m sure you very much like Ron and David, I truly feel you will come to the realization, as I have, that Charles is the ONLY one who has a true chance of winning over MD Dems and winning the Governor race in this confused state.

On Monday night Brewington made this tweet:


Then shortly thereafter, this post appeared on the MDPolitcsWatch site – it purports to break the news that Jackie Wellfonder is being paid by Steve Hershey, something Jackie disclosed a while back. Additionally, it tries to say Jackie and Red Maryland contributors were paid in the District 36 race by Democrats. Plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes can be found in the post which throws out the insult of saying people associated with Red Maryland have an “extra chromozone [sic]”

This anonymous blog, not followed by Brewington or Winterling on Twitter, also got a Facebook post tonight from Winterling:


Mark Newgent also replies to this blog post:

Obvious spelling “co-horsts,” “chromozone,” and grammatical errors “would of,” aside, the writer is apparently unaware that you can’t “usurp” someone from a seat they never held.  Smigiel was one of many seeking appointment to the empty Senate seat vacated by E.J. Pipkin.
Furthermore, no proof whatsoever is offered showing Hershey paid Red Maryland.
If in fact Hershey did pay us, he would probably want his money back given our assessment of the farce the District 36 appointment process devolved into was critical of Hershey.
As to “all indicators” pointing to Red Maryland being paid by the Democrats—that says more about the addled brain of the anonymous writer than it does about us.
This is stunt is so juvenile that it’s beneath a high school student council election.
Whoever wrote this was drunker than Otis Campbell at the time, or is so inept at using the English language they need to purchase a copy of Hooked on Phonics.

Karen Winterling

Karen WinterlingNow, we need to discuss Karen Winterling some more. I’ve already shown where she and her crony Julie Brewington have been trolling down the “political mud barrell” to borrow a phrase from a Lollar supporter slamming me. It would appears that Brewington and Winterling both have engaged Red Maryland and Jackie Wellfonder because of things they said. This activity, and probably them going after me, was specifically forbidden by Lollar himself.

Is Lollar kept in the dark by Julie Brewington? What are her actual qualifications to be a campaign manager or to run a business?

I really do wonder how messy the Lollar campaign finance filing will be in January. How many in-kind contributions from Winterling and her business, DGA, will be listed and will that include it all?

Of course, Winterling and her business both have their own issues that make you wonder if she’s really qualified to be running a campaign.

In 1992, Mid-Atlantic Carecraft of Silver Spring, Maryland filed suit against Karen Lawrenson (that’s one of Winterling’s previous names) in Circuit Court in Montgomery County. All the online case search says about the case is that it involved converting funds, breach of fiduciary duty, and interfering in business relations. The complaint was filed on 4/28/1992. On 5/12/92, the plaintiff voluntarily withdrew the complaint without prejudice, which indicates some sort of settlement might have been reached.

In 1996-1997, a judgement of over $1100 was entered against Karen Lawrenson payable to Accessible MRI of Montgomery County.

In 2011, the IRS filed a federal tax lien of nearly $184,000 against Karen Winterling.

There have been several liens filed against Dealer’s Greatest Assets (DGA), which is Winterling’s company.

I have included the listing below instead of typing them all out:

DGA Liens

Could all of the business and financial problems Winterling has had show why she is running the Lollar campaign into the ground right now?

Lollar refused to comment on her status with the campaign to the Baltimore Sun last week. It may be about time someone asks him that question again.

Petra Smail

Petra Smail handles scheduling for the campaign while actually living in Virginia and Florida.

I noticed the following exchange on Facebook which seemingly indicates Smail is reminding former Lollar campaign staff member Mike Phillips of what Phillips said was a threat from Smail’s husband:


The rest of the Lollar Team

I’m looking into reports that a member of the Lollar team purchased and and is holding on to them unless the campaign pays for them.

It would appear that Winterling and her campaign team are doing all sorts of damage to the campaign and to Charles Lollar without his knowledge of them. I’ve heard several people point out that the Lollar campaign is all about Lollar. Don’t expect any help for your campaign if you’re another candidate, even if it’s a general election. (Annapolis and Frederick are recent examples of this.)

Now to lighten the mood, here are some more of Julie Brewington’s recent tweets, some of which she has already deleted:




Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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Quinton is a native South Carolinian who has lived in Baltimore since 2006. He is a recent convert to the Catholic Church and is active in the Knights of Columbus. He has been involved in the pro-life movement nationally and locally since 2010.

Quinton is a veteran who served as an intelligence analyst in the Army National Guard. He is also an Eagle Scout.
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  1. I met Charles 4 years ago during his run for Congress and found him to be an honorable man. He was my one hope for this Governor’s race but, after seeing the debacle of this campaign for over a month now, I have lost all hope.
    The inept, amateurish management of this so-called campaign will surely prove to be Mr. Lollar’s downfall and not one I see him recovering from. Sadly, Maryland is losing what could have been a political shining star for now and campaigns to come.

  2. “When I am done with you, you won’t be able to shit sideways…”

    ???? What, pray tell, does she plan on doing with you? And, how much will it cost you?

  3. What in the world??? These people are in charge of a campaign? Poor Charles Lollar — he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with these folks at the helm. He seems like a decent guy, but…remember what your mother probably taught you when you were in high school? “You are the company you keep.”

    Come on now…

  4. I am an experienced activist and have worked on several campaigns in the state. After attending 2 Lollar campaign meetings as a volunteer I can say without hesitation that these posts are overblown and pointless. He already has a large statewide organization and a pretty cohesive group. It hasn’t been perfect but campaigns rarely are. From what I’ve heard from friends the Craig campaign is spending money on payroll and is even more disorganized than the Lollar camp. Why don’t you prove you are unbiased and write a post on Craig’s troubles?