Another county GOP censures Lindsey Graham


The Laurens County Republican Party Executive Committee recently passed a 29-point resolution in favor of censuring one of the current United States senators from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. Laurens County is the fifth county to pass the censure. It was previously passed by Chesterfield, Fairfield, Greenville, and Orangeburg.


The Censure Resolution, as passed, covers a multitude of well-documented instances of Senator Graham’s disregard for fundamental, Republican values. A few of the points of contention are:
-Senator Graham’s attempt to reward those who break the laws of our country with amnesty.
-The continued support the Senator offers in the arming of elements of Al Qaida, sworn enemies of the United States, in the Middle East.
-His belief that government spying on American citizens without due process is an acceptable practice.
-The disregard he showed for other Republicans in their attempt to prevent further erosion of our Second Amendment rights.

This is the County GOP that I served as Vice Chairman of in the past.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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