When Evil Visits Where You Live


After I last wrote about the ham-handed blackmail attempts against me (that all indications show to be a result of things I’ve written about Charles Lollar – especially this particular piece), I must have really hit a nerve.

Overnight Friday night, there were leaflets placed on every car windshield on the street where I live. These fliers had pictures of me, my name, address, and several other false and defamatory statements. These statements match things that were said online Wednesday and Thursday by Lollar supporters and staffers. There are some other tip-offs that also point to someone associated with members of Team Lollar being responsible. I can’t get into too many other details about Friday night’s events to protect the investigation.

After the blackmail attempt last week, I made contact with UMBC Police and I’ve had good conversations with officials there. I’ve also made initial contact with Baltimore County Police following Friday night’s incident and I will be following up with them and other law enforcement authorities tomorrow. I also will be pursuing all options on the defamation issue as well.

This all reflects poorly on Charles Lollar more than anything I’ve ever blogged about his campaign. I would hope he would get this situation under control as it relates to his campaign.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. “Progressives” or whatever they call themselves these days are simply thuggish brown shirts who feel justified in their stalking.

  2. Pretty sure that progressives are not concerning themselves with Jeff’s impact on the Lollar campaign. They are pretty occupied with a full swoon over Anthony Brown, and in their spare time, kicking Dougie “as the state’s chief law enforcement official, it’s not my job to police my own child’s illegal activities that I personally witness” Gansler when he’s down.